MegaCon 2011

This past weekend I traveled to MegaCon with my buddy, John Beatty.  We always have a blast at the show and this time was no exception.  I didn’t take many photos, but I did get a shot of me with these two ladies.  They were busy every day of the show posing with fans.  I have no idea what they were there promoting… but like most everyone else I ended up getting a photo with them.

One of the best things about going to MegaCon is meeting up with folks I seldom see.  That’s Alberto Ruiz in the photo above with a Steampunk Poison Ivy. [I think that Ivy has hypnotized Alberto!]  It had been a couple of years since I crossed paths with the mighty talented Mr. Ruiz.  I also got to hang a bit with John Higashi, Mike Zeck,  Bob McLeod, Mike White, Gene Gonzales, Ron Salas, Dan Panosian, Dave Johnson, and many others.  I owe special thanks to John Higashi for “introducing” me to Tim Sale [John works with Tim at his table keeping the commissions flowing].

That’s Alberto [well, his hand, anyway] in the photo above sketching for a fan.  John was also sketching and I watched him kick it on a couple of Star Wars pieces and a Black Knight piece.  Who knows what I missed when I was out talking with artists and getting a few sketches of my own [which I will post in the coming weeks].

If you follow comics at all then you may have heard about the controversy with one of the artists at the show.  Rob Granito was set up at the show selling “his” art when a piece about him was posted at Bleeding CoolThe article exposed that Granito was copying other artists’ work and selling it as his own.  In addition Granito was shamelessly taking credit for the work of others in order to help promote his copied artwork.  One of my con buds, Matt Crews [be advised that Crews uses adult” language… a lot], actually went over and engaged Granito in conversation about “his art” and professional credits all the while videoing the conversation.  A Rob Granito is a Fraud Facebook page went up.  Granito was contacted by convention promoters and informed that he was no longer welcome at their shows.

In summary, MegaCon was another fun and entertaining show for all… well maybe all but one.