UFC 130 Results

There was maybe one person who had a worse night that me when it came to UFC 130.  Who?  Oh, I’d say maybe Stefan Struve… maybe. Let’s see what made it so bad…

  • Thiago Alves [18-7] vs. Rick Story [12-3]
    Prediction: Alves wins by decision
    Result: Story wins by unanimous decision making me 0-1 for the night.

  • Jorge Santiago [23-8] vs. Brian Stann [10-3]
    Prediction: Stann wins by TKO.
    Result: Stann wins by TKO making me 1-1 for the night

  • Travis Browne [10-0] vs. Stefan Struve [21-4]
    Prediction: Struve by TKO
    Result: Browne by KO in the first round making me 1-2 for the night

  • Frank Mir [14-5] vs. Roy Nelson [15-5]
    Prediction: Mir by decision
    Result: Mir by decision making me 2-2 for the night

  • Matt Hamill [10-2] vs. Quinton Jackson [31-8]
    Prediction: Hamill by decision.
    Result: Jackson by unanimous decision making me 2-3 for the night

Final Thoughts:

  • Rick Story is a tough kid who just won’t quit!
  • Brian Stann has a great future ahead of him.
  • Stefan Struve got KO’d!
  • I wish Mir could have ended the fight against Nelson.  Unfortunately, Nelson was tough enough to hang in but not in shape enough to make it really competitive.
  • Hamill fought a dumb fight.  I thought he’d have tried to stay on the outside of Jackson and just keep kicking and punching.  Instead, Hamill continued to shoot for takedowns [which Jackson easily stuffed] and then would get clocked each time he tried to disengage.
  • Bring on Caine vs Do Santos!