Moon Return: Forms, Zombies and Memories

Did you know that when the first men to land on the moon returned to Earth that they completed a report for customs?  That’s right, NASA astronauts, Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins completed a customs form upon their return.   A spokesman for NASA has confirmed the authenticity of the document and you can see a full-moonsized version at

I was ten years old when we first landed on the moon.  I can remember watching black and white images beamed to us from 240,000 miles away as all of the adults in the room and Walter Cronkite on the tube got giddy.  It was is pretty cool stuff.

We were on the moon!  How long w0uld it be until we had flying cars like Nick Fury?  How long until astronauts were going to Mars and beyond? Perhaps even  a five year mission to go where no man had gone before was in order.

But getting back to the custom’s report, I never knew about it before a few days ago.  I do remember that when Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins returned to Earth that they had to wear special biological containment suits and  were kept in quarantine for three weeks to be sure that they didn’t bring back a virus or germ that could start a zombie-apocalypse.

Ok.  I made up the zombie-apocalypse part, but the astronauts were kept in quarantine and did have to wear the biological containment suits.  Even at ten years old, I remember thinking that the end of the human race would be like a cool episode of The Twilight Zone if the astronauts accidentally brought  back a virus or germ that killed us all.

Think about it, our greatest human triumph leads to our extinction.  Now that would be a cool episode for The Twilight Zone,  except it really wouldn’t be so cool in real life, would it?