Happy New Years 2012

We’re just a little over 6 hours away from 2011 going into the history books and 2012 opening a new chapter in all of our lives.  I like the promise that a new year holds.  Don’t you?  [You’re not one of those “2012: end of times” fanatics are you?  If so, I’ll bet you’re having a hard time getting excited about the promise of the coming year.]

I have to admit though that I’m usually not excited to see a year come to an end.  For one thing it means we’re getting a year older.  That by itself is no biggie.  Who cares about one year coming to an end?  It’s the cumulative effect of all those previous years ending that take their toll.  Plus when a year comes to a close, it signals that all of our unfinished goals, resolutions and projects won’t be finished THAT year.

I do like that New Year’s is a time to pause and reflect on the past year and the blessings that we’ve received or heartache we’ve been spared.  I also enjoy the opportunity to plan for the coming year.  Although I’m not one for resolutions, at least public resolutions, I hope 2012 sees a couple of mine succeed.  While I’m hoping for good things in 2012, let me wish you and yours the best that a new year can bring.