Did You Hear About the Time-Traveling Attorney?

Andrew Basiago is a Seattle attorney who, since 2004, has been publicly proclaiming that as a child he was involved in a government sponsored time-travel program known as Project PegasusAccording to Basiago, the US government has had time-travel technology for over 40 years

Basiago further claims that, as a child he time-traveled to [and was photographed at] Gettysburg when Lincoln gave his famous speech.  If you click over to this article at the Huffington Post, you can see the photograph from 1863 of the child that Basiago claims is him, taken while on his time-travel mission.  You can also view a  video of Basiago talking about his time-travel experiences. 

Wow!  Andrew Basiago’s claims make his childhood sound like a cross between Johnny Quest and The Time Tunnel.  Both of which, were more plausible.