Remembering Dick the Bruiser

For some reason, the picture of an enraged Dick the Bruiser dressed in a suit and bow tie, sporting stitches in his head seems such an odd combination, that every time I see it I smile.

Dick the Bruiser, whose real name was Richard Afflis, was a real-life tough guy. He played professional football and developed a reputation as a bar room brawler. Bruiser was listed as 6′ 1″ and 260 pounds of muscle. When his football career ended, it was only natural that he turn to professional wrestling.

Bruiser started his wrestling career in the 50’s and wrestled into the 80’s! Even after he retired, he worked as a talent scout for the WCW. Bruiser died in 1991. He was just 62. Richard Afflis aka Dick the Bruiser left a legacy as one of the most popular wrestlers to ever step into the ring.

I was fortunate to see the Bruiser wrestle live many times when I was growing up. Those memories bring an even bigger smile to my face than the picture.

  • Updated 5/11/23