Dick Giordano, “Demolition Man” and More Breasts!

There’s an old saying, “Be careful what you ask for… because you just might get it.” Dick Giordano tells a great story that illustrates that point.

Mr. Giordano is one of comics’ legends. In addition to inking all of the best artists of the last 50 years, Dick Giordano was the head of DC Comics, worked with Neal Adams at Continuity Studios and currently co-owns Future Comics (with Bob Layton).

Now to Dick Giordano’s story of be careful what you ask for. Mr. Giordano had the assignment of pencilling a cover that featured a sexy female super-hero. He turned in art for final approval and received a note from the editor who shall remain nameless [ *cough* Jim Shooter *cough*]. The note said, “Make her breasts bigger.”

Mr. Giordano thought the breasts were already large, but he shook his head and re-drew the breasts larger.

He sent the artwork back to the editor.  Once again the page was sent back to Mr. Giordano. This time the note simply stated: “MORE BREASTS.”

Dick didn’t want to disappoint the editor. He sat back down, drew a third breast on the character and sent the page back. Needless to say, it wasn’t returned again.

Mr. Giordano shared this story to a group of us as I was getting him to sign my Demolition Man mini-series.

  • Updated 5/13/23