New Years Means Twilight Zone

One of our New Year’s Eve traditions [in addition to running movies, having good food, and setting off fireworks for my sons, nieces, nephews and well, myself] is to catch several episodes from Sci-Fi‘s Twilight Zone Marathon. I really love the idea of a TZ Marathon. Even though I rarely catch more than a few episodes, knowing that they’re available makes me smile.
For the last TZ Marathon, I recommended  Terror at 20,000 Feet and To Serve Man. They’re my favorites. If you can only catch two, then they’re the two.

Looking for more? The Invaders starts at 9:06pm on December 31st. An old woman alone, in a remote cabin with no neighbors or electricity is attacked when a small spaceship with invaders arrives!

The Shelter airs at 10:45 the same night. Several good friends who are also neighbors have gotten together to celebrate Dr. Stockton’s birthday. Everything is swell until there is an emergency announcement: the U.S. is in danger of an attack! The President warns everyone to seek immediate shelter — just the kind of shelter that Dr. Stockton has. Unfortunately there’s not room for everyone. Just what will friends do to each other in order to get a chance at survival? You’ll know if you watch!

  • Updated 5/14/23