Movies, Robbers & More

  • “The Hulk” earned a little better than $62 million to force “Finding Nemo” into second spot. I’ll still bet on the fish in the long run.
  • “Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle” opens next Friday. I waited to rent the original, but plan to see this one on the big screen!
  • I just finished reading Robbers by Chris Cook. This is his first novel and I’d say that he’s going to become a “name” to anyone who enjoys a good crime story!
  • One of the scariest movies that I ever saw as a kid, “Invasion of the Body Snatchers,” got a little write up today. They’re out there!
  • Mike Tyson got involved in what is being described as a “street brawl.” Even though it appears that Tyson didn’t start it, he could get a year in the slammer if convicted. When is“Iron Mike” gonna learn…
  • Lennox Lewis kept the title but may have lost his desire to continue. If history tells us anything, he’ll fight again though.
  • Archaeologists in western China discovered five earthenware jars of 2,000-year-old rice wine in an ancient tomb. “Ah, do you have anything in a 0003 vintage?”
  • Anybody else been keeping up with the news about U.S. bounty hunter Duane “Dog” Chapman who was arrested by Mexican authorities while attempting to bring Andrew Luster, the fugitive heir of the Max Factor fortune and convicted rapist back to the USA? This has been my favorite news item this week… it’s like something out of a movie — which I bet it will be.