Thinking About "Jerry’s Kids"

For 38 years Jerry Lewis has hosted an annual telethon for muscular dystrophy and I’ve always had mixed feelings about it.
I like the idea of people opening their wallets to help those less fortunate. It’s fun to see the variety of acts. You know, stuff that would’t have a chance on tv since the days of Ed Sullivan. And I always have the hope that this year, with the money the telethon raises, a cure will be found.
Then there are the other parts. Like when the handicapped are rolled out and talked about as if they’re just to be pitied. Or when they’re referred to as “Jerry’s Kids.” That title, at least in my mind, conjures up images of handicapped children thrown out of society only to be saved after becoming one of “Jerry’s Kids.”
Jerry’s telethon raised a record $60,505,234 this weekend. No doubt that outweighs any negative thoughts I may have about it… at least until next year.