New “Must See” TV

As the new tv season draws near, these are the shows that interest me the most:
MONDAY* Everybody Loves Raymond: Believe it or not, I had never watched an episode until this summer. I found it to be one of the best comedies going and am looking forward to the new season.* Vegas: This is a new show and I may find myself checking it out even though it goes up against Everybody Loves Raymond.

24: The third season looks to come back as strong as the first two. 24 was one of my top two favorite shows last year. [Unfortunately The Shield won’t return until January!]WEDNESDAY* The West Wing: Always in my top three “must see tv” shows… but this season could be different with the lose of it’s creator. Still the last season’s finale left me wanting more.* Karen Cisco: Based on the Elmore Leonard’s character [from the book and movie], this is the new show that I’m most looking forward to.

THURSDAY* Survivor: This is a family viewing event each week which makes it a lot of fun.* ERAlthough not as good as it once was [few shows are], it still makes it to the “must see tv” weekly list.

FRIDAY* Boston Public: Moving the show to Friday’s isn’t going to help. I’m just hoping that it hasn’t jumped the shark.

SATURDAY* I usually watch a bad sci-fi movie on, oddly enough, the SciFi channel or maybe even rent a dvd since there’s not much on except Cops and that’s not “must see.”

SUNDAY* Alias: Yeah, I’m coming back for more… who can blame me?* The Lyon’s Den: I saw a preview of this before “28 days later” and was sold!

Well, at least it looks like there’s a little something every night worth checking out. Have I missed anything?