Charlie Hustle Deserves a Shot

Pete Rose should be given an opportunity to be voted into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Rose holds 19 Major League records, including the All-time Major League records for most career hits – 4,256 and most games played – 3,562.

Why is Rose not in? Because as a manager he gambled on baseball. Although he never bet against his team and never threw a game, gamblling on baseball when you’re a player or manager is against the rules.

Did Rose deserve to be punished? Yes, and he has been.

Rose‘s book, My Prison Without Bars, details just how much he’s been punished.

As a manager, Rose broke the rules and perhaps the ban should be for life… but, the records that he set were as a player and it is because of these records that he deserves the opportunity to be voted into the Hall of Fame.