An Exciting Superbowl

Well, it was an exciting Superbowl.

Despite the fact that last night’s victory by the New England Patriots over the Carolina Panthers, was one of the best Super Bowl games ever, more people are talking about the half time antics than the game itself.

At the end of the half time performances, Justin Timberlake pulled off part of Janet Jackson‘s costume exposing her breast. The NFL is upset. Both CBS, and MTV have issued apologies. Justin Timberlake called it a “wardrobe malfunction.”


At least it wasn’t as bad as the guy who made it down on the field, stripped off all of his clothes and began to dance. He than ran around as security attempted to catch him. Patriots linebacker Matt Chatham did what he does best and tackled the streaker who was then taken away by security personnel.

Well, it was an exciting Super Bowl… and the game was pretty good too!