James Robinson & J. Bone: The Saviors

After just one issue The Saviors became one of my favorite comics currently published.  

The Saviors is a fun story with great art, so why wouldn’t it be?

In case you’re late to this party, let’s catch up.  The Saviors is about a slacker who discovers that evil aliens are secretly among us.  He doesn’t have the skill set to deal with the situation, doesn’t know who he can trust or who will believe him.

James Robinson, the writer of the series says that he wanted The Saviors to have…

… elements from the old “Invaders” TV show and “Invasion of the Body Snatchers,” but also (had) enough gore and violent horror and scares that it would also feel like John Carpenter’s “The Thing.” As I began to develop the idea, some other aspects came to mind like the idea of it having a large cast. You won’t know who lives or dies

You can learn more about The Saviors in this interview with the series’ creators, James Robinson and J. Bone.

Source: CBR.com.