Z-View: The Saviors #2

The Saviors is an on-going series created by James Robinson & J. Bone published by Image.

Writer: James Robinson

Artist: J. Bone

You saw.  You know.  No way they let you go home, cover your eyes, put your fingers in your ears and pretend this never happened.  You’re as good as dead.

In issue one Tomas Ramirez, a slacker content living in a small town, discovered that shape-changing aliens live among us.  Tomas discovered their secret and they discovered his… that he knew.

Issue two picks up where issue one left off — Tomas is on the run in the desert from one of the morphing aliens.  Things are looking bleak when a stranger new to town provides a chance for escape… if he can be trusted.

James Robinson lulled us into the story in issue one.  Issue two flies at a breakneck pace as Tomas attempts to stay alive.

J. Bone’s art continues to be a joy.

The Saviors  is a comic for mature audiences due to drug references and language.  If you’re a fan of 50’s alien invasion movies [“I Married a Monster from Outer Space,” “Invasion of the Body Snatchers,” etc.], ,or well written, well drawn comics, then The Saviors is for you.