Louis Meyers: Evidence He Was the Zodiac Killer

The photo on the left is Louis Meyers.  The drawing on the right is a police sketch of the Zodiac Killer.

The Zodiac Killer is responsible for 5 unsolved murders in the San Francisco area committed between 1968 and 1969.  The Zodiac Killer taunted police in letters to newspapers and claimed to have killed as many as 37 people.  The Zodiac Killer was never caught.

Louis Meyers died in 2002, but before he died Meyers confessed to his best friend, Randy Kenney, that he (Meyers) was the Zodiac Killer.  Meyers claimed that he picked the victims (usually couples in lovers lane or secluded spots) because his girlfriend broke up with him.

Evidence supporting Meyers claim he was the Zodiac Killer

  • In 1976 Meyers told another friend, Bob Robitaille, that he (Meyers) was the Zodiac Killer but Robitalle didn’t believe him.
  • Meyers lived in the area of the Zodiac killings.
  • Meyers attended two schools that were also attended by two of the Zodiac’s victims.
  • Meyers also worked at the same restaurant as another of the Zodiac’s victims.
  • Meyers worked at military surplus store.  A military boot print was left at one of the Zodiac’s crime scenes.
  • Meyers was stationed overseas in the military from 1971 to 1973.  Authorities received no letters from the Zodiac Killer during this time period.

All of these facts are circumstantial, but authorities have now added Louis Meyers to the list of Zodiac Killer suspects.

Source: DailyMail