Time to Take Things Easy

Walter Mosley‘s eighth Easy Rawlins novel is now available and I’m putting in my order!

I’ve read, and enjoyed all of the Easy Rawlins‘ stories and Little Scarlet, set during the Watts riots of 1965, looks to be a welcome addition to the series. Easy, an unlicensed PI, along with his best friend, the cold-blooded killer called Mouse, find themselves in the middle of a murder investigation which could land Easy in jail or dead.

Devil in a Blue Dress is the only film adaptation of an Easy Rawlins‘ novel, and although it didn’t set the box office on fire, it’s definitely worth a look. Denzel Washington plays Easy Rawlins, but the movie is OWNED by Don Cheadle as Mouse. Jennifer Beals, looking as pretty as ever, also co-stars in this excellent film by Carl Franklin.

Yeah, I think I’ll order the book tonight and pull the dvd off the shelf. It’s time I spent a little time taking things Easy.