Miller & Rodriguez Talk Sin City

Comics Continuim has coverage of MTV’s Total Request Live behind-the-scenes look at Sin City.

Brittany Murphy, who plays Shelly, hosted and was joined by Sin City creator and film co-director Frank Miller, director Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino. For full details click HERE.

I am so stoked for this movie. Frank Miller used to say that a movie would never happen, but Robert Rodriguez won him over by bringing in stars and filming a sample reel of what he would do if given the chance to direct Sin City on the big screen.

What makes this story even cooler is that Miller came on board as co-director! And the cast they’ve assembled is unreal. Bruce Willis is Hartigan. Jessica Alba is Nancy Callahan. Michael Clarke Duncan is Manute. Josh Harnett is Dwight. Mickey Rourke is Marv. Bennico Del Torro, Michael Madsen, Clive Owen, and Nick Stahl also appear.