Knowing Too Much…

As most of you know, Michael Mann and Tom Cruise are teaming on Collateral.

It’s the story of a hitman [Cruise] who hires a cab driver [Jamie Fox] to drive him to five locations in one night.

What the driver doesn’t know [at least at first] is that a hit is taking place at each stop.

The initial teaser trailer was released a few weeks ago, and while it looked interesting, I wasn’t completely sold.

The full trailer is now available, along with some more stills from the film. I’ve got to admit that NOW the movie is starting to look better. The producers have to walk a thin line in how much they show though… they need to show enough to get interest up, but if they give away too much, then no one will want to see the movie.

Knowing too much can be a bad thing. If you don’t believe me, just ask the taxi driver.