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Survivor: My Dilemma

Last night’s Survivor episode made Earl a millionaire, Dreamz a villain, and Yau-Man a hero. It’s interesting that up until the finale, I hadn’t really heard anyone talking about this season’s Survivor. Sure, it was interesting watching Yau make just the right move at just the right time. Still, the season lacked anyone that you could REALLY root for or against.

Until last night that is. When Dreamz broke his promise to give Yau the immunity necklace, he sealed their fate and handed the million dollar prize to Earl. Yau was voted off the island. That left Dreamz [who everyone now cast in the role of Judas], Cassandra [who had no athletic or survival abilities other than laying low] and Earl [who everybody liked]. In fact, a poll of the jury proved that had Dreamz kept his word, Yau would have won the vote against Earl.

So… I’ve been struggling with my thoughts on Dreamz’s decision to break his word. First left me say that I don’t believe Dreamz when he says that his plan was to always keep the immunity if he won it. Dreamz struggled with his decision. In fact there were tears running down his face when he said he was keeping the immunity necklace. Had it been his plan all along to keep the immunity, he wouldn’t have struggled with his decision. I believe that Dreamz had meant to give the immunity to Yau, but the chance at being one of three to win a million dollars was just too much.

So… here’s my dilemma: knowing that it’s a game where the idea is to outwit, outlast and outplay your opponents… was it wrong for Dreamz to keep the immunity? On one hand, I say, “Of course not. That’s the nature of the game. People do it all the time.” On the other mitt, I say, “But Dreamz promised to God on his children. Doesn’t that take it a step deeper? Also Dreamz accepted a $60,000+ truck. Doesn’t that make it a deal? Didn’t these things make it more than just a promise made in a game??”

I’m not really sure how I feel other than to say:

  • 1] Yau-Man played the game better than any other player from any other season.

  • 2] If Yau couldn’t win, I’m glad Earl did.

  • 3] I wish Dreamz had kept his word.

    4] I think that Dreamz is being untruthful when he says that he never planned to keep his deal… greed to hold of him.

    5] I think if you “promise to God on your children” you’d better stick to your word… even if you’re playing a game.

Am I wrong?

Survivor Finale

The season finale of “Survivor Fiji” is on tonight. We’re down to:
  • Kenward “Boo” Burns, 34, a construction worker from Lafayette, La. who has won the last two immunity challenges. Boo should be the next to go if he doesn’t win immunity
  • Yau-Man Chan, 54, a computer engineer from Martinez, Calif. who has had the best strategies so far into the game. Yau-Man has become a fan favorite [as well as the one I hope wins it all] due to his kind heart, strategic planning and cunning moves
  • Earl Cole, 35, ad exec from Santa Monica, Calif. is Yau-Man’s strongest alliance. Will Earl be as loyal as Yau?
  • Cassandra Franklin, 42, civil engineer manager from Los Angeles has been flying under the radar. She is the least athletic, and has gone far because she isn’t a threat. She could be the biggest threat to Yau-Man because she [on the sly] provides Dreamz the support he needs
  • Andre “Dreamz” Herd, 25, cheerleading coach from Wilmington, N.C. Talk about a waffler. Dreamz switches alliances so often, he even has a hard time keeping track of what he’s said to who.

I’m pulling for Yau-Man to win it all. If not Yau, then Earl or Boo. Cassandra and Dreams are just lucky to be around this late in the game.

Medium – Well Done

If you asked me what my current favorite shows are, Medium wouldn’t be the first, second, or even third show that I’d mention. But it would make the list. Medium is one of my favorites. I DVR it each week and then my wife and I watch it whenever. Medium is always good for a storytelling twist and sometimes even a “scare” or two. It also features the most realistic family on television.
I’m pleased to post that NBC has given an early renewal to Medium. It’ll return for a fourth season this the fall. NBC Entertainment president Kevin Reilly was quoted as saying, “‘Medium’ is a quality show with an outstanding star that has always delivered a very loyal audience. We are pleased to know that we can look forward to more of its unique storytelling next year.”
Me too.


Anyone watching Jericho? I am, have been since the start, and enjoy it more with every passing week. Normally I would have made sure that the nuclear mushroom cloud was pictured in the logo above, but the show has grown less about the bombs than it is about just SURVIVING. With a great cast of characters and enough subplots to keep us interested, this is a show to watch.
The season finale is next Wednesday, and I can’t wait. But if you haven’t been watching it, perhaps you should. My guess is that they’ll rerun all of the episodes this summer. You can get caught up and then be ready for the new season… which we all know started with a [big] bang!

Sanjaya vs Stern: Class Act?

Last night Sanjaya Malakar was voted off of American Idol. Truth be told, his time had come more than a couple of votes ago. And while it was time for Sanjaya to go, my bet is we haven’t seen the last of him. He has a solid fan base of little girls and enough “cuteness” and talent to at least get a shot a something. What? I’m not sure, but something.

Two more things before we close: 1] Sanjaya took more flack, bad comments and teasing than any other American Idol contestant that I can remember. Sanjaya kept his sense of humor and showed class through it all. 2] Sanjaya’s leaving puts a rest to the Howard Stern claim that Howard has the power [through his audience] to take Sanjaya to the finals and kill American Idol. Let’s just hope that Stern can show the same class as Sanjaya now that Stern’s mission has failed.

Stern vs American Idol

Howard Stern, the self-proclaimed, “King of All Media” has encouraged his fans to vote for Sanjaya Malakar since the general consensus is that Sanjaya is the worst singer currently on the show. Stern has repeatedly told his listeners to go to Vote for the and also to call in to vote for Sanjaya.

So now that Sanjaya has avoided the boot and made it into the top nine, Stern is crowing. He told his listeners, “We’re corrupting the entire thing. All of us are routing American Idol. It’s so great. The No. 1 show in television and it’s getting ruined.”

Okay. Let’s look at the facts: 1] American Idol is still the top rated show on television. 2] American Idol’s ratings are up! [More viewers means more earnings — just the opposite of what Stern is trying to achieve] 3] Vote for the doesn’t get anywhere near the number of hits it would take to keep Sanjaya on — and that’s even counting the bump in votes brought in by Stern’s listeners.

It’s interesting that Stern is actually helping American Idol by claiming he will be behind it’s downfall. Perhaps it’s even more interesting that Stern’s getting publicity while at the same time failing at his mission. I guess that’s why he’s the King of All Media.

American Idol Down to 11

Tonight the American Idol 12 will become 11.

Before I say who I think will be going home, let me compliment Chris Sligh. Not only can the young man sing, but he did exactly what the judges have been encouraging the contestants to do… and then got slammed for doing it.
Week in and week out, we hear the judges say, “make the song your owndon’t be an imitatorshow your personality.” It was Diana Ross week and Chris took took “Endless Love” and modernized it. Was it as catchy as the original version? No, but then again we’ve heard the original for over 20 years. It’s engrained in our memory banks so no new version will initially sound as good. Still, Chris took the judges’ advice to heart and made the song his own and he sounded really good in doing it. So it ticked me off to hear the judges slam him when it was their suggestions that led him down that path.
Sanjaya Malakar should be the next contestant to leave [and Brandon Rogers needs to kick it up a few notches or he’ll soon be on the bubble], but my guess is it will be Haley Scarnato. Haley forgot her words and appeared to be really nervous. Still, I felt it was one of her better performances and hope that she gets another chance to prove herself. Unfortunately I think that Sanjaya has a teeny-bopper fan base that will keep him around for another week.

Once More with Feeling

American Idol makes the ZONE yet again.

I’m really surprised to say that Antonella Barba has avoided the boot once again. I was pretty sure if the “racy picture” scandal didn’t catch up with her tonight, her singing would. There’s no doubt that she’s a pretty girl, but I didn’t think her performance was good enough to save her. And some folks say ya can’t get by on looks.

If you watched American Idol tonight you know that Alaina Alexander, Leslie Hunt, AJ Tabaldo and Nicholas Pedro were voted off. I can’t really argue with those choices [unless it would be to keep Leslie and say goodbye to Antonella]. I’m not ready to pick a winner yet, but I will say that I’ll be surprised if it’s not one of the ladies.

One final comment about tonight’s show… I believe that Alaina was the first contestant in the show’s history to be so emotional [after being told that she was leaving] that she wasn’t able to immediately sing her last song. It was touching to see all of the girls come out to comfort her… and did you notice that Sundance was tearing up as well?

Making Like Neo

Last Thursday, Antonella Barba dodged a bullet when she missed being eliminated from American Idol. As reported on Friday, “racy photos” of Ms. Barba began appearing on the net. Because some of the photos were very “racy,” I thought that Ms. Barba would probably be asked to leave the show. Things may have changed though.

Today Barba’s best friend, Amanda Coluccio was quoted in The Star-Ledger of Newark as saying, “The really bad ones aren’t her. I’ve studied them. It’s not her nose. She’s never had (acrylic nail) tips (like the woman in the photo) in her life. She’s the least slutty person I know.”

If that is the case, Ms. Barba has probably dodged another bullet.

American Idol: Picture That

Antonella Barba is one of the contestants on American Idol. Although she is a pretty young lady and can sing [well enough to make the show anyway], I thought that she would probably get the boot in the first round of eliminations. I was surprised when she made it to the second round.
If you’ve read this far then you’ve probably heard the news that “racy photos” of Ms. Barba have been popping up all over the internet since Friday. The first photos were of Ms. Barba posing with friends on the beach [topless but covering themselves with their hands] and of her in sexy outfits / poses. Then another round of photos came to light and they reportedly were of Ms. Barba engaged in a sex act. Still more photos of Ms. Barba are making their way to the net. My guess is that Antonella Barba will be asked to leave the show before the second round of eliminations begin… which is what I thought should have happened in the first place.