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“Walking Dead” Live @ AMC

Variety announced today that AMC is…

“close to finalizing one of the richest development deals ever with [Frank] Darabont to write and direct a series adaptation of the Image Comics graphic novel series ‘The Walking Dead,’ penned by Robert Kirkman.

As a reader who has been with the series since issue one, and who still reads it immediately after getting home, you’d be right to say I’m thrilled.  This has the potential to be really, really good.

The Vampire’s Assistant

You know, if someone had asked me about “The Vampire’s Assisstant” before I saw the trailer, I’d have said it’s based on a book geared to teenagers and will probably do well with the younger teenage crowd… and no, I have no desire to read the book or see the movie.

After seeing the trailer, and I still can’t believe I’m about to write this, “The Vampire’s Assisstant” looks kind of interesting and fun.  Am I wrong?

Daybreakers Follow Undead

AICN scored the first look at “Daybreakers” –  the Spierig brothers’ follow-up to “Undead”.   Quint describes the film by saying it’s a:

futuristic vampire tale starring Ethan Hawke, Willem Dafoe and Sam Neill. It’s about a plague that turns the vast majority of the Earth’s population into vampires. The remaining humans have to be rounded up and farmed as the supply of fresh blood grows smaller and smaller and the demand grows larger and larger. The vampires must figure out a way to replicate the blood or save the human race or they, too, will die out.

Sounds pretty cool.  Check out the AICN post here and see the poster in it’s ginormous glory.

Dead Zombie Ratings

According to this site, the ZONE should be rated PG-13 due to using the word “dead” 9 times, “zombie” 4 times and “death” once.  Well, I do write, on a fairly regular basis, about how great the comic “The Walking Dead” is… and it is about zombies.

I guess if I’d been talking up “Hellboy” I might have gotten an “R” rating??  Oops.