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Hughes vs Penn & Help!

Tonight Matt Hughes defends his UFC title against the last man to have beaten him, BJ Penn. Hughes, like Chuck Liddell [the light heavyweight champion], has been completely dominating his division. I don’t think that will change tonight. Still, the fact that Penn has beaten Hughes previously adds another dimension to the fight.

I won’t be ordering the pay-per-view since I have to work tonight, but I would be interested in reading or hearing the results once I get home. Since several ZONERs are probably going to be watching the fight live or know of a site that will be live blogging, I thought that I ask for suggested site to visit for the latest news. Any suggestions?

Ultimate Fighting – Legitimate Sport or Guilty Pleasure?

One of the most popular topics on the ZONE and SZ Messageboards is Ultimate Fighting. I’ve become a fan despite the fact that I refused to watch the stuff for years.

It wasn’t until I started tuning in to The Ultimate Fighter [season one] that I came to realize that the majority of these fighters are trained martial artists [wrestling, judo, boxing, etc.] and not just a bunch of knuckleheads who love to fight. Don’t get me wrong, they DO love to fight, but most have skills and love to test theirs.

Another reason that I avoided watching UFC fights is that I didn’t want to see people getting their bones broken or worse in an “athletic” event. And while it is true that many fights do end up with one or both contestants bleeding, and it isn’t unheard of for a knockout to occur; these injuries are similar to what one could get in a boxing match. Sure, I understand that UFC fights do sometimes end with broken bones, but that is pretty rare. My guess is that more bones get broken in football games than UFC matches.

Still, there are times that I feel that watching a UFC fight is something of a guilty pleasure. I wouldn’t want to see two guys brawling on the street and yet I find myself watching The Ultimate Fighter and UFC Unleashed every week.

I guess I’ll ponder this a bit more during commercials. The Ultimate Fighter is coming on SPIKE TV now…

Third Time a Charm for Shamrock?

On October 10th, Ken Shamrock and Tito Ortiz will meet in the octagon for the third time. Despite the fact that Ortiz has won both previous fights, there has always been enough “controversy” to bring the two [and fans around the world] back for a rematch. That and the fact that Shamrock and Ortiz have a REAL dislike for each other.

This time the fight will be televised on SPIKE tv for free. My guess is that the third time won’t be a charm for Shamrock. I look for Ortiz to win… but there is a chance that Shamrock could pull off the upset.

Which of course would pave the way for another rematch.

The Ultimate Fighter

Are any of you ZONErs, watching The Ultimate Fighter?

I do and am hooked. Just to bring you up to speed in case you don’t watch. The Ultimate Fighter18 fighters who are split up into two teams. Each week the teams compete in a compitition to determine which team chooses the two who will fight. The loser leaves the house. [which is in its second season] brings together

It’s like The Contender on steroids.

The guys who compete in Ultimate Fighting are real life tough guys. They usually have a strong background in wrestling, boxing and the martial arts. Many are experts in more than one discipline. And…

They. Love. To. Fight.

I’m not talking about sparing. Or working out. Or where you knock a guy down and then back up until he’s on his feet. I’m talking about fighting… you know, FIGHTING!

This sport isn’t for everyone. It’s not even a sport that everyone can watch, let alone compete in.

Still, I have to admit, I tune in each week.