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Third Time a Charm for Shamrock?

On October 10th, Ken Shamrock and Tito Ortiz will meet in the octagon for the third time. Despite the fact that Ortiz has won both previous fights, there has always been enough “controversy” to bring the two [and fans around the world] back for a rematch. That and the fact that Shamrock and Ortiz have a REAL dislike for each other.

This time the fight will be televised on SPIKE tv for free. My guess is that the third time won’t be a charm for Shamrock. I look for Ortiz to win… but there is a chance that Shamrock could pull off the upset.

Which of course would pave the way for another rematch.

The Ultimate Fighter

Are any of you ZONErs, watching The Ultimate Fighter?

I do and am hooked. Just to bring you up to speed in case you don’t watch. The Ultimate Fighter18 fighters who are split up into two teams. Each week the teams compete in a compitition to determine which team chooses the two who will fight. The loser leaves the house. [which is in its second season] brings together

It’s like The Contender on steroids.

The guys who compete in Ultimate Fighting are real life tough guys. They usually have a strong background in wrestling, boxing and the martial arts. Many are experts in more than one discipline. And…

They. Love. To. Fight.

I’m not talking about sparing. Or working out. Or where you knock a guy down and then back up until he’s on his feet. I’m talking about fighting… you know, FIGHTING!

This sport isn’t for everyone. It’s not even a sport that everyone can watch, let alone compete in.

Still, I have to admit, I tune in each week.