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Two “Matrix” Movies and a “Riddick” Trilogy

“The Matrix: Reloaded” will premiere at the Cannes Film Festival on May 15th which is the same day the film will be released worldwide. Man, I am so stoked for this movie. I don’t see how there is any way that it can be as good as the first… and to think that before the end of the year we’ll also get to see “The Matrix: Revolutions.”

And while we’re on the topic of movies I am really looking forward to… did you hear that Karl Urban, [“The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers”] has joined the cast of the “Chronicles of Riddick,” which stars Vin Diesel? Thandie Newton [“Mission Impossible 2” “Shade”] is also in negotiations to join the cast. Thandie and Vin could make for a very interesting pair!

Now let’s see… Two Matrix movies released before the year is over… and a Riddick trilogy which begins filming in June.  Ah… life is good!

Del Toro Wants Perlman for “Hellboy”

Countingdown posted an item from director Guillermo Del Toro who said…

“I hope Hellboy is my next movie… It’s difficult for me to get a $60 million dollar movie financed with Ron Perlman as the star, but I’m not giving up, since Mike Mignola and I think he is perfect for the part. If you want to know what the movie will look like, just go get the comic book. I will be as faithful as I can…Abe Sapien is such a characteristic figure, that we will basically have to do him completely artificial through puppetry and CG, to make him *exactly* as Mignola drew him. But I think his voice could either go the Kevin Spacey way or the Steve Buscemi way. Two total opposites that would nevertheless make the character interesting”.

Thanks also to Dark Horizons.

Although there was some speculation early on that Vin Diesel would get the role of Hellboy, I think that Pearlman is also an excellent choice. He won’t bring in the inital crowd that Diesel. would, but if the movie rocks, the audience will find it!

Sly and Tom Cruise in “Death Race 3000”?‘s Insider News and Rumors‘ column reports today that TOM CRUISE continues to move forward with his “Death Race 3000” project. The report states that TOM CRUISE will not only produce but probably star in “Death Race 3000” as well. The film is set to be directed by PAUL ANDERSON (“Soldier,” “Event Horizon”) from a script by JONATHON LAWTON (“Pretty Woman,” “Under Siege”). According to the report LAWTON “would really like to get SYLVESTER STALLONE to come back to reprise his role as Machine-Gun Joe Viterbo” from the original “Death Race 2000.” LAWTON is quoted as saying, “Machine-Gun Joe is definitely part of the story. It would be a great casting decision.”

One would have thought that “Death Race 2000” would be one of the least likely movies from SLY‘s filmography to get a sequel… but, and this is a BIG but, if TOM CRUISE does decide to produce and star in “DR3000,” then SLY should jump on board!

– Craig Zablo