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Themed Sketch Collections

People will collect almost anything.

I collect movies, books, comics and Sylvester Stallone memorabilia such as books [biographies, novelizations of his movies], magazine articles and pictures, and now original drawings of Sly or characters that he’s played. Recently I began to have artists draw in a sketchbook instead of on loose sheets of paper.

This may sound like a unique idea but it’s really not. There are a lot of people out there collecting drawings for their themed sketch books. Some of the more interesting themes include cliffs,” “time,” “silverfish,” and… well, you get the idea. Phillip Anderson has several themed sketchbooks going. You can get a look at all of them by clicking [HERE].

Who knows? After seeing the cool stuff that Phillip has, maybe you’ll be inspired to start your own themed sketchbook collection!

Eric Powell Takes the Goon Through Rough Stuff

Eric Powell writes, pencils and inks The Goon, which is one of the few comics that I buy EVERY time it comes out. Dark Horse just picked up The Goon so if you wanna beat the crowd, get on board now! You’ll also find Eric’s work on the covers to DC‘s Arkham Asylum: Living Hell six issue mini-series starting in May.

Eric did his version of Sly when I caught up with him at MegaCon. I was so tempted to get a Goon sketch but just had to have Eric in the SZ Gallery. Eric‘s take reminds me of a sports drawing from the ’30’s.

Rough Stuff, a trade paperback which collects The Goon‘s first three issues is now available.

I’ll bet it’s the first graphic novel to come with a “director’s commentary!” Yep, a trade paperback book with a director’s commentary.

Isn’t that just goony?

Art of the Raytrix

If you’re a regular ZZ reader, then you know how much I enjoy the artwork of Bill Marimon. I like Bill‘s work enough to create a web presence for him. Have you checked it out yet? If not you should.

Perhaps if you take a peek at the thumbnail to Bill‘s latest painting you’ll see what I mean about his art. If you can’t see it, then maybe it’s time for an eye exam.

Meet Bill Marimon

Bill Marimon is one of the nicest guys that you’d ever meet. Bill‘s worked for AC, DC [not the band], and Marvel. He’s now available for commissions. [His art is great and his prices are reasonable — can you think of a better combo?]

I’ve put together a site to showcase some of Bill‘s work. Check it out!


Can you imagine a party where the guests of honor included LINDA BLAIR, Insane Clown Posse, JIMMY “The Mouth of the South” Hart, JOHN BEATTY and other celebs in addition to THOUSANDS of fans? The FX show in Orlando was THAT party!

Over the years I’ve been to many conventions and the FX show was the biggest to be able to retain the feeling of a small show. FX was obviously well planned and had something for everyone. The Orlando Convention Center is huge but this worked to the advantage of the show. Dozens and dozens of dealers were located throughout the hall. Collect toys? Every kind from board games to action figures were available. Looking for original art? Not only were several artists on hand, but at least three comic companies also set up booths. Want to see the car from “Knightrider?” It was there. Maybe you want to meet and get autographs from celebrities. Remember the guest list? They were all there and signing.

If you’re getting the idea that I liked the FX show you’d be wrong. I loved it and am looking forward to the next show. If it sounds like something that you’d like then maybe then maybe we’ll see you there.

RIP Al Hirschfeld

AL HIRSCHFELD passed away today at the age of 99Mr. HIRSCHFELD, the best known caricaturist in the world, had captured the likeness of everyone who was anyone in show business from the 1920s until his passing.

AL HIRSCHFELD was known for hiding his daughter’s name, NINA, in each of his pieces [sometimes more than once]. This tradition began in 1945. After about a month, Mr. HIRSCHFELD briefly stopped putting in the NINAs, but fans quickly complained and the NINAs were back to stay [along with a number indicating how many NINAs were hidden in each piece!].

Our thoughts and prayers go out to AL HIRSCHFELD‘s family and friends. [Thanks to John Beatty for the heads-up.]

Rucka & Robertson on Wolverine

GREG RUCKA is one of my favorite writers. Best known for his Atticus Kodiac novels, RUCKA has also written quite a few comics [including the very popular “White Out” series].

It has been announced that RUCKA is going to be the writer when Marvel unleashes a new Wolverine series next May. DARRICK ROBERTSON is going to provide the artwork and has this to say about RUCKA’s take on Logan: “You will be getting a very, very different Wolverine… I think some fans aren’t going to like it all. Greg sees Logan like the Hulk in that he shouldn’t just go berserk all the time, but when he does, it’s a big deal and there will be so much building up to his explosion, that we he does cut loose, it will be momentous.”

The series seems to have a lot of potential. I know that I will be watching for the first issue.

FX is Coming

This weekend JOHN “Big” BEATTY and I will be attending the FX Collector’s Toy, Comic and Fantasy Convention at Orlando’s Orange County Convention center. As if this weren’t reason enough to go, other guests scheduled to appear include LINDA [“The Exorcist”] BLAIR, DOUG [“Hellraiser”] BRADLEY, The Insane Clown Posse, and a whole bunch of comic book artists such as MARTIN NODELL, ALEX SAVIUK, and BILL BLACK.
JOHN will be selling some of his newly designed T-Shirts and doing some sketches while I will be checking out the place with my son and helping with the booth if it gets crazy. If you’re planning to attend, please make sure that you drop by and say, “Hi.”

Big Beatty

JOHN BEATTY has been my best friend forever. So I’m really happy to say that he’s starting to kick his personal web site into high gear. It’s going to be a blast. Many of you probably know of JOHN through his work for Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, etc.

JOHN is still doing some work in comics [he’s currently inking Birds of Prey over CASEY JONES] but is also expanding into T-Shirt Design and more. The business “stuff” will be available online at Big Shot Graphics and the fun stuff will be on his personal site and I can promise you that it’s going to be a hoot. Be advised the humor and language will sometimes not be for kids.

Dick Giordano, “Demolition Man” and More Breasts!

There’s an old saying, “Be careful what you ask for… because you just might get it.” Dick Giordano tells a great story that illustrates that point.

Mr. Giordano is one of comics’ legends. In addition to inking all of the best artists of the last 50 years, Dick Giordano was the head of DC Comics, worked with Neal Adams at Continuity Studios and currently co-owns Future Comics (with Bob Layton).

Now to Dick Giordano’s story of be careful what you ask for. Mr. Giordano had the assignment of pencilling a cover that featured a sexy female super-hero. He turned in art for final approval and received a note from the editor who shall remain nameless [ *cough* Jim Shooter *cough*]. The note said, “Make her breasts bigger.”

Mr. Giordano thought the breasts were already large, but he shook his head and re-drew the breasts larger.

He sent the artwork back to the editor.  Once again the page was sent back to Mr. Giordano. This time the note simply stated: “MORE BREASTS.”

Dick didn’t want to disappoint the editor. He sat back down, drew a third breast on the character and sent the page back. Needless to say, it wasn’t returned again.

Mr. Giordano shared this story to a group of us as I was getting him to sign my Demolition Man mini-series.

  • Updated 5/13/23

Da Goon

Eric Powell writes and draws “The Goon” which is published by Albatross Exploding Funny Books. The Goon combines horror, sci-fi, humor, zombies, ufos, humor, gangsters, humor, werewolves… well, let’s just say anything that Eric wants to write or draw about would work in the series. And did I mention that it’s fun and funny?

Right now the second issue of the second series is out. But don’t worry, you can still get all of the back issues and a trade edition is coming in January. I’ll be getting it, even though I already have the issues off the stands. That should tell you just how much I enjoy Eric‘s work. I’ll bet you would too.

So check out his site, and tell him I sent ya! [If ya don’t expect a visit from The Goon — and I ain’t talking about Big Beatty or myself!!]

Bob McLeod & John Beatty Let Me Know It’s Nice to be Wanted

Usually it’s nice to feel wanted.

So what do you think about the drawing of me on the wanted poster with Jonah Hex?

The piece I wrote about me being drawn in a comic with Superman struck a cord with many of you. I received several requests to see more. Well, let me say that attending the Man of Steel’s wedding was a breeze compared to my appearance with a certain DC comics gunslinger…

John Beatty commissioned Bob McLeod to do a painting [reprinted to the left] based on an idea from Mike Zeck. Big Beatty thought it would be funny if my face was on the wanted poster and Bob agreed. The rest is history.

Bob McLeod [probably best known for being co-creator of The New Mutants for Marvel comics] is available for commissions. Bob is a first rate artist who can draw well in a number of different styles.

Yeah, usually it’s nice to feel wanted… unless you’re wanted dead or alive!

Zablo Part of the DC Universe

See the strong, handsome-looking guy in the picture?  No, not Superman!   The other hunk. Yep, that’s me. Bet ‘cha didn’t know that I’m part of the DC universe did you?

Yeah, I don’t like to brag, but I’ve hung out with Superman.

The artwork was drawn by Jerry Ordway for a story written by Marv Wolfman [and co-plotted by John Byrne] which appeared in The Adventures of Superman #426 way back in 1987. Jerry Ordway was the regular artist and he was drawing friends and friends of friends in scenes in the comics. Since Jerry and John Beatty were friends, I got in on a “hook-up.”

How cool is that?

I’ve also made “appearances” in other comics. I’m part of the DC Universe, the Marvel Universe, and occasionally this one as well.