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Things Have Been Coming Up “Kolchak” Lately!

Things have been coming up Kolchak around here lately.  I recently saw the above Kolchak art on Facebook.  It brought back memories of the two Kolchak tv movies, The Night Stalker and The Night Strangler from when I was a kid in junior high.  Great memories.

I decided to find out more about the art.  Turns out it was the cover for KOLCHAK: The Night Strangler Files.  The tv movie was written by Richard Matheson. Chris Mills (writer) and Amin Amat (artist) adapted it into the graphic novel.  I’m not sure who the cover artist is, but I sure do like that art.

Then Svengoolie announced that he would be getting the two Kolchak movies in the near future.  THAT is awesome news.

And that’s your Kolchak update for the day.

A TROLL WALKS INTO A BAR: A Noir Urban Fantasy Novel (Alexander Southerland, P.I.) by Douglas Lumsden

I usually like my crime fiction to be hardboiled and realistic.  Well, as realistic as hardboiled fiction usually is.  Still, sometimes it’s fun to venture off into some crazier territory. A TROLL WALKS INTO A BAR: A Noir Urban Fantasy Novel (Alexander Southerland, P.I.) by Douglas Lumsden looks to fit the bill.

When a troll speaks–listen up! Hardboiled P.I. Alexander Southerland just wants to enjoy a quiet drink when a 500-pound troll walks into the bar. Next thing he knows, Southerland is navigating his way through rogue cops, a gang war, beautiful nymphs from the ocean depths, a were-rat, the mayor’s corrupt fixer, the sleaziest (and cleverest) gnome in Yerba City, and creatures right out of legend. At the center of it all is a mysterious locked box. Can Southerland discover its explosive secret–and survive long enough to pay his rent on time?

I read the Amazon sample and liked what I saw.  Check it out.  You may as well.



“65” (2023) starring Adam Driver & Ariana Greenblatt / Z-View

65 (2023)

Directors: Scott Beck, Bryan Woods

Screenplay: Scott Beck, Bryan Woods

Stars: Adam Driver, Ariana Greenblatt, Chloe Coleman and Nika King.

Tagline:  65 million years ago prehistoric earth had a visitor.

The Plot…

Mills (Driver) accepts a job to pilot a deep space ship for three times his normal pay.  He needs the money to pay for treatment for a potentially fatal illness his daughter has.  When Mills’ ship is knocked off course by meteors, it crash lands on Earth 65 million years ago.

Mills and a nine year old girl, Kona (Greenblatt) are the sole survivors.  The have a small shot at getting home.  One of the ship’s escape pods is located 15 kilometers away.  To get to it they will have to cross an unforgiving environment full of carnivorous dinosaurs, poisonous plants and bugs, quicksand, landslides and more.  The Earth 65 million years ago is a dangerous place.  Oh, and Mills just learned that the main meteor in the ring his ship went through is due to hit earth in 12 hours… and that meteor is a planet-killer.  The clock is ticking.

Thoughts (beware of spoilers)

Reviewers haven’t been kind to 65.  I was pleasantly surprised that it resonated with me much more than most.  It caused me to jump more than a couple of times.

Unlike many films of this nature, when the lead character is injured, he just shakes it off.  In 65, Mills’ injuries appear painful and take their toll.

While 65 features a happy ending, it’s as Rocky Balboa might say, “Not all sunshine and roses.”  If it had been, maybe reviewers would have enjoyed it more.

65 (2023) rates 3 of 5 stars.

“Night of the Living Dead” (1968) directed by George Romero / Z-View

Night of the Living Dead (1968)

Director: George A. Romero

Screenplay: John Russo, George A. Romero

Stars: Duane Jones, Judith O’Dea, Karl Hardman, Marilyn Eastman, Keith Wayne, Judith Ridley, Kyra Schon, S. William Hinzman, Bill Cardille, John A. Russo, Russell Streiner and George A. Romero.

Tagline:  They won’t stay dead!

The Plot…

When the dead suddenly begin reanimating with a craving for human flesh, a group of strangers find themselves together in a deserted farmhouse.  As the group argues about their best moves for survival, the dead continue to gather outside!  Soon the farmhouse will be overrun.  The clock is ticking.

Thoughts (beware of spoilers)

Night of the Living Dead, shot on a shoestring budget with most of the cast taking their first acting roles, reinvented and revitalized zombie movies.  Investors in the film, many of the people who worked on the film behind the scenes and some of locals ended up taking on-screen roles as well.

Although NotLD is one of the most profitable independent films of all-time.  Sadly, George Romero didn’t see much of the profits due to his little understanding of distribution deals.  To make matters worse, the film was released with no copyright notice which at the time placed it in the public domain.  Anyone or any company could make a sell copies of the movie with no proceeds going to George Romero or his investors.  That’s why there are so many crappy versions available.

NotLD takes place on the first day of a zombie apocalypse.  No one knows what is going on or the best course of action.  One of the interesting aspects of NotLD is that Harry Cooper argues that everyone is safer in the basement.  Cooper is the least likeable of the group and a different course of action is taken.  Turns out Cooper’s idea was the best.

Night of the Living Dead (1968) rates 5 of 5 stars.

“War of the Colossal Beast” (1958) produced and directed by Bert I. Gordon / Z-View

War of the Colossal Beast (1958)

Director: Bert I. Gordon

Screenplay: George Worthing Yates, story by Bert I. Gordon

Stars: Sally Fraser, Duncan ‘Dean’ Parkin, Russ Bender, Jack Kosslyn and Rico Alaniz.

Tagline:  The towering terror from hell!

The Plot…

When it is learned that Glenn Manning aka The Amazing Colossal Man is alive, the Army captures him for further study.  Manning was caught in the fallout from an atomic bomb test.  Although Manning survived the blast, radiation caused him to grow 60 feet tall.  Now horribly disfigured and brain damaged, Manning is a threat who may be beyond curing.

Thoughts (beware of spoilers)

War of the Colossal Beast is the sequel to The Amazing Colossal Man released a year earlier.

The movie gets more exciting once the army captures the Amazing Colossal Man.  A word of warning:  Be very careful should you ever give a giant an injection.  The scenes at the end outside the observatory are the best.  The last minute or so of the film appears in color and the change is effective.

War of the Colossal Beast (1958) rates 2 of 5 stars.

SGT. ROCK VS the ARMY OF THE DEAD by Bruce Campbell and Eduardo Risso!

Bruce Campbell teamed with Eduardo Risso to create SGT. ROCK VS the ARMY OF THE DEAD.  Here’s the lowdown…

Berlin, 1944. The Nazis are besieged on all fronts by the Allied forces. Defeat is inevitable. But Hitler and his team of evil scientists attempt a last-ditch effort that may turn the tide of the war and rewrite history itself: a serum that resurrects their dead soldiers, stronger than they were in life, and sends them back into the battlefield.

Now Sgt. Frank Rock and Easy Company have been dispatched into enemy territory to face off against the strangest, most horrific enemies they’ve ever encountered: Nazi zombies!

Sgt. Rock and Easy Company are behind enemy lines, armed to the teeth, and ready to go up against the strangest-and deadliest-enemies they’ve ever encountered: zombies, and a whole lot of ’em! Strap in, soldiers, it’s you against the world…of the dead!

Horror icon Bruce Campbell and comics legend Eduardo Risso bring you a terror-soaked Sgt. Rock tale like no other!

Collects DC Horror Presents: Sgt. Rock vs. The Army of the Dead #1-6.

“Gangnam Zombie” – The Poster and Trailer are Here!

Here we have the poster and trailer for Gangnam Zombie.  I’m always down for a good drive-in movie.  Gangnam Zombie looks to fit the bill.

Zombies done Gangnam Style.  ; )

Soon after previously normal people begin viciously attacking other citizens in Seoul’s wealthy Gangnam district, the zombie population grows exponentially and spreads throughout the region. Now, long after injuries forced him to quit the national taekwondo team, an elite former athlete is given one more opportunity to use his talent on behalf of his country as he takes on one final match—this time, against terrifying hordes of the undead.

Directed by: Lee Su-seong
Cast: Ji Il-ju, PARK Ji-yeon, CHO Kyung-hoon

“Psycho: The Lost Tapes of Ed Gein” – The Trailer is Here!

Wow!  Original recordings of Ed Gein interviews.  Deal me in.

Psycho: The Lost Tapes of Ed Gein premieres September 17th, 2023- only on MGM+

This MGM+ original docuseries follows the horrifying grave robber and serial killer Ed Gein whose crimes inspired such iconic films as Psycho and The Silence of the Lambs. With new reveals and never-before-heard recordings, viewers will be transported to late-1950s Middle America and submerged in Gein’s perverse mind. The series explores Gein’s upbringing and twisted relationship with his mother, his early grave robbing and murders, and the police’s discovery of his terrifying house of horrors.

“While the City Sleeps” (1956) directed by Fritz Lang, starring Dana Andrews & Rhonda Fleming / Z-View

While the City Sleeps (1956)

Director: Fritz Lang

Screenplay: Casey Robinson based on The Bloody Spur by Charles Einstein

Stars: Dana Andrews, Rhonda Fleming, George Sanders, Howard Duff, Thomas Mitchell, Vincent Price, Sally Forrest, John Drew Barrymore, Ida Lupino, Robert Warwick, Mae Marsh, Larry J. Blake and Celia Lovsky.

Tagline:  Sensational LIPSTICK Murderer

The Plot…

The Lipstick Killer has the city on edge.  He continues to murder women and leave taunting messages.  The killings are coming with greater frequency. The news media is having a field day.

Amos Kyne (Warwick) died leaving his son, Walter (Price) in charge of the Kyne News Media conglomerate (newspaper, television, wire service).  Walter has little business sense. He decides his best bet is to create an Executive Director to run the corporation.  Walter offers the job to his top reporter/television commentator, Edward Mobley (Andrews).  Mobley turns him down flat.

Walter then tells the head of each arm of the conglomerate that whoever breaks the story of the capture of The Lipstick Killer will become the new Executive Director of Kyne News Media.  All three men want the job and are willing to go to great lengths to get it.  Although Mobley doesn’t want the position, he agrees to help his friend get it. Mobley goes on live tv and taunts the killer.  This puts Mobley and his fiancé in the killer’s path.

Thoughts (beware of spoilers)

Vincent Price is perfectly cast as the smarmy son placed in charge of a business that he has no idea how to run.

There’s a lot of romance drama at the expense of serial killer drama.

There was a real serial killer dubbed The Lipstick Killer a decade prior to the release of While the City Sleeps!

While the City Sleeps (1956) rates 3 of 5 stars.

“My Animal” – The Poster and Trailer are Here!

The poster and trailer for My Animal has my attention.  This one looks like a winner.

Bobbi Salvör Menuez (Euphoria) and Amandla Stenberg (Bodies Bodies Bodies) ignite in this genre-bending supernatural love story. Tormented by a hidden family curse, Heather is forced to live a secluded life on the outskirts of a small town. When she falls for the rebellious Jonny, their connection threatens to unravel Heather’s suppressed desires, tempting her to unleash the animal within.

LONG PAST MIDNIGHT by Jonathan Maberry!

Jonathan Maberry has a book of short stories coming out on August 22nd.  Here’s the lowdown on LONG PAST MIDNIGHT…

Five-time Bram Stoker Award-winner Jonathan Maberry, New York Times bestselling author of the Pine Deep Trilogy, weaves a chilling web of small-town terrors, local legends, and hair-raising haunts set in the eerie world of Pine Deep, Pennsylvania. Eleven terrifying tales are gathered here for the first time in a single volume — including one exclusive, brand new story!

Foreword by Josh Malerman, New York Times bestselling author of Bird Box

Four children explore an abandoned house that’s supposed to be haunted—and discover something far more terrifying than any ghost. A rash of fatal accidents in the town of Pine Deep keeps a cemetery worker busier than ever—because the dead won’t stay buried. Ex-cop Joe Ledger searches for a missing witness in “the spookiest town in America”—but finds there is no protection program against the forces of evil. . .