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Sly Art from Jesus Antonio

I was going through the vault and came across this piece that Jesus Antonio did for me a while back.

Jesus Antonio is an artist who lives in Mexico. Jesus posts on quite a few sites and is always positive and complimentary of the artwork of others and humble about his own. When I had the opportunity to get a few Stallone sketches and a sketchbook from Jesus, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. You can see more of Jesus’ art here!


Kelsey Shannon: Sly as Captain America

The amazing Kelsey Shannon makes his return to the SZ Gallery. Kelsey has worked in comics, animation, and film. He can pencil, ink and color. Kelsey plays a mean game of hacki-sack and he’s one of the nicest and most talented people that you could ever meet. Kelsey surprised me with his take on Sly as Captain America. How cool.

I got my first piece from Kelsey, back in 2002. He also surprised me with it! Then I actually got to meet Kelsey at Heroes Con in 2004. At that show he did me, this cool take on Sly as Jack Carter. It’s still one of my favorites riffs on Sly as Carter. I think we’re going to have to get Kelsey back to MegaCon or Heroes and bribe him for more sketches. If I bring big blocks of cheese it might work.

Jerry Lewis & the MDA: Winning

I’ve always had mixed feelings about Jerry Lewis and the MDA telethon.  It really surprised me to find out that the MDA basically dropped Mr. Lewis without so much as a fare-thee-well.  But love him or hate him, don’t you think that after 130 years as the host, Jerry Lewis should be allowed to go out in style?

Mark Evanier came up with a plan that would do just that plus raise a ton of money for the cause.  Let’s hope someone with pull reads Mr. Evanier’s blog.

Robbi Rodriguez & Machine Gun Joe

Robbi Rodroguez did a Rocky sketch for me at last year’s Heroes Convention. When I saw that Robbi was going to be at Heroes again this year and was taking commissions early, I asked for an iconic black and white piece of Sly as Jack Carter. Robbi knew exactly what I was looking for and came through like a champ with this piece. I was totally blown away.

So I requested another Stallone piece, this time totally of Robbi’s choosing. He decided to go with Sly as Machine Gun Joe Viterbo from Death Race 2000. It was a unique choice that I quickly got behind. Robbi not only drew Machine Gun Joe standing in his race car with a smoking machine gun, but threw in Joe’s co-pilot as well. I can’t say enough great things about Robbi’s commissions except that I want another!

You can see more of Robbi’s art here and here… and definitely again here at the SZ in the future.

Torrance, Tango & Cash

My buddy, Mike Torrance aka The Krayola Kidd is back. This time Mike brought a couple of friends with him. That’s Gabriel Cash on the left and Ray Tango on the right. Mike created the cards for me as reward for winning one of his free monthly sketch card contests. Love the movie, dig the art.

You can see more of Mike’s art at The Daily Sketch with The Krayola Kidd and his Deviant Art site. Mike is available for commissions and his prices are very reasonable. And don’t forget that once a month Mike has a contest for someone to win a free sketchcard!

Jeremy Treece is Expendable

Jeremy Treece has created art for comic books, trading cards, animation and independent films. Last week we posted the Rambo piece that my buddy, John Beatty gifted me. Today we have Treece’s take on Barney Ross of The Expendables that John Beatty also surprised me with.

You can see more of Jeremy’s art here… and definitely again at the ZONE in the future.