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Gnarls Barkley is Crazy!

If you haven’t heard the song “Crazy” by Gnarls Barkley, you should give it a listen. Better still check out the video by clicking HERE.

I can’t remember the last time I liked both a song and the video for it so much.

And Then There Were Three – Shocking!

Remember when I posted here about the shocking ending on Lost and how surprised I was, especially since it wasn’t the season finale?

Well, last night American Idol had an equally surprising ending. Chris Daughtry, who many thought would BE the next winner, was sent packing. Everyone was shocked.

And. I. Mean. Everyone.

Look at Chris‘ face in the banner above and you can see even he was stunned.

So what happened?

My guess is that everyone thought that Chris was such a shoe-in to reach the finals that many folks decided to vote to keep in their 2nd favorite contestant. The strange thing is that before the show started my wife predicted that it could be Chris‘ night to leave for just that reason. I thought that either Elliot or Katherine would get the axe.

So, who’s going to win now that Chris is gone?

I’d predicted a showdown between Chris and Taylor [with Chris winning], so I’ll stick with Taylor as the next American Idol. [Of course, my wife may have a more accurate prediction…]

American Idol – Predictions

It’s American Idol and we’re down to the final 11. In a few hours it will be 10… so let’s see who might be going…

Katharine McPhee did well and looked great. She’s safe.

Ace Young was in the bottom three last week and just did “ok” last night. He could be in danger of leaving soon… but not tonight.

Chris Daughtry had the best performance of the night. I loved his take on “Walk the Line.” He’s safe.

Bucky Covington didn’t impress me. I predict the bottom three tonight.

Elliott Yamin can sing but didn’t live up to his potential last night. He’ll be back next week though.

Kellie Pickler is safe again… but the cuteness factor is fading fast.

Lisa Tucker was one that I initially thought would easily get to the final 4 or 5. She was in the bottom 3 last week [shows what I know]. She didn’t impress last night and could be in the bottom 3 again tonight.

Mandisa can sing and has a great personality…if she wasn’t the best performer last night, she sure wasn’t third… but I still don’t think that she’ll win.

Paris Bennett has so much talent. She is safe as can be tonight.

Taylor Hicks might have had the third best performance of the night… and the most fun! He’s safe.

Kevin Covais had one of his better performances… still I don’t think that he should still be around, but I’ll bet he’s safe for at least another week.

My bottom three for tonight: Lisa Tucker, Bucky Covington and Ace Young.

My prediction for the one leaving: Lisa Tucker [although I’d rather see Kevin or Bucky taking the trip].

Kevin Dodges the Bullet

Wow! Was I shocked?

When American Idol opened with the annoucement that either Kevin Covais or Ace Young was in the bottom three; I would have bet the house that it was Kevin packing up to go. And, man-o-man, would I have been wrong.

The second shocker was that Lisa Tucker was in the bottom three! I was thinking that she was a lock to get to the later rounds.

The fact that Melissa McGhee got the boot made sense [if it wasn’t going to be Kevin] since she forgot her lyrics on Tuesday.

So, Ace and Lisa were on the bubble. I wonder how that will affect their performances next Tuesday. I guess we’ll know in less than a week.

Say Goodbye to Kevin

This is, without a doubt, the best season of American Idol yet. We’re down to the final 12 and there are at least 4 who have a real shot of winning.

Unfortunately Kevin Covais isn’t one of the four. He seems like a nice enough kid and all, but I’m actually surprised he’s made it this far.

Let’s look at the rest of the group:

Katharine McPhee had the best performance last night and she could go all the way.

Ace Young has the right look and can sing so he has a shot too.

Chris Daughtry can sing, is comfortable on stage and knows “who he is” — I just wonder if a rocker can actually be the next American Idol.

Bucky Covington seems like a nice down to Earth guy, but I don’t think he’ll be around much longer.

Elliott Yamin can sing. I mean the man CAN SING. The question is does he have the “it” factor to get enough votes to win?

Kellie Pickler is the country cutie. She’s got a great voice for country music. Cute as can be… but that may get old quick. “I feel like I got tarantulas on my eyes! They’re not real though!” Arrrgh!

Lisa Tucker is the youngest in the finals and without a doubt, one of the best. She… could… go… all… the … way!

Mandisa can sing and has a great personality… but I don’t think that she’ll win.

Melissa McGhee has her moments, but my guess is that she or Bucky will be the next to go.

Paris Bennett could take the crown. Her rendition, a few weeks ago, of “Midnight Train to Georgia” was the best performance that I’ve ever seen on American Idol. The only thing that could mess her up is that her “cuteness” may wear thin as the weeks drag on.

Taylor Hicks won’t win. He’ll go far but I just don’t see him taking the crown. I love the guy’s style and he’s a fun performer but I don’t see him beating out some of the others. I think I look forward to his performance more than any of the finalists, but he’s still a longshot to take the crown.

So, am I on the right track?

Mariahs’s Fake Abs – You Make the Call

Remember when I told you that I thought that Mariah Carey looked like she had painted on her abs for her 4th of July Macey’s performance?

I thought it was just a funny little item and was surprised when it was picked up here and a bunch of other places.

The July 25, 2005 issue of US Weekly even has the story in it’s This Minute You Want to Know About section.

The piece, Did Mariah Fake Her Six-Pack? brings everyone up to speed: “Sure, Mariah Carey‘s back on top of the charts, but who knew her stomach muscles were also making a comeback?” The author then asks a make-up expert and a rep for Mariah Carey to weigh in on the subject.

The make-up artist [Sally Blenkey-Tchasova, owner of one of the places that started the whole “spray-on” craze] was quoted as saying, “It looks like she was helped by make-up or air-brush tanning. Even if a woman is really ripped, abs are generally not that symmetrical.”

You’re probably as surprised as I am [meaning not very], that Mariah’s rep denies that the abs are fake without every really saying their not. “This is ridiculous. She has been eating right and working out for three hours a day. Mariah has never looked or felt better.

The picture to the right was taken about three weeks before the one at the top of this post. So, ZONErs… what do you think?

Mariah and the Painted-On Abs

Last night as I was flipping the channels, I happended across Mariah Carey performing at the Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks Spectacular. Now normally, that wouldn’t be worthy of commenting here but…

As I was watching the performance I said to my wife, “Hey, doesn’t it look like someone painted on Mariah’s abs?”

She didn’t think so and attributed it to Mariah working out and dancing. Still it looked kind of funky to me.

Before flipping on to new channels, I said, “I still think it looks like she had those abs painted on.”

Well guess what…

The Beatles, Led Zepplin and…

Yesterday I came across a listing of the top-selling albums of various decades. Nothing really surprised me about the top selling albums of the 70’s or 80’s… but the 60’s was a different story.

Almost everyone knows that The Beatles dominated the charts in the 60’s. Now here’s the surprising thingonly two other groups busted into the top ten with The Beatles.

One was Led Zepplin. Can you guess the other?

Click on the HERE for the correct answer.

Rodriguez, Jackson and a Pan Pizza with Everything

Monster Bash, Halfway Home for Arnie, Lisa Marie Preps and More Planet Hollywood

  • The 7th Annual Monster Bash was held this weekend in Pittsburgh. It featured guests [the guy who played the Creature from the Black Lagoon, Boris Karlaff’s daughter, etc.] and film showings. I’ve been in the mood for some good horror movies [last night we watched “Frankenstien,” “Donavan’s Brain,” and “The Invisible Man”]… if I lived near Pittsburgh, I’d have attended the show! 
  • Arnold told Bob Costas that he feels like he’s in the middle of his career.  If Arnold does “King Conan” I’ll believe him. 
  • Lisa Marie Presley is getting ready for her first concert tour. Presley will play hour-long sets opening for Chris Isaak but will NOT cover any of her dad’s songs. Maybe she can cover some over her ex-husband’s songs. That could be a real “Thriller.” 
  • A federal bankruptcy court awarded the billion-dollar Aladdin casino to investors who plan to turn the Las Vegas property into a Planet Hollywood-themed resort! And you just know I love me some Planet Hollywood!

McCartney-Lennon vs Lennon-McCartney

I’m a Beatles fan. I also enjoyed the work of each of the boys after they broke up, but if pressed to pick a favorite, it’d be Paul McCartney .

That’s why I’m disappointed that Paul has decided to reverse the traditional “Lennon-McCartney” songwriting credit on many songs that he and John Lennon co-wrote. When they were just starting out, they agreed that all of their songs would be credited to “Lennon-McCartney.”

And that’s the way things have been for forty years. It’s rumored that Paul wanted to reverse the credits on some of their songs before this, but that never happened. Until now. On Paul‘s most recent album certain songs contain the credit “McCartney-Lennon.”

Naturally this has angered many fans who feel it is a slap in the face to Lennon. Paul, of course feels otherwise, “I personally don’t see any harm in John‘s songs such as ‘Strawberry Fields’ and ‘Help’ being labeled ‘Lennon-McCartney’ and my songs such as ‘Let It Be’ and ‘Eleanor Rigby’ being labeled ‘McCartney and Lennon.’

Paul may not see the harm, but fans certainly do

MJ – It’s No Longer About the Talent

Seems that everyone is talking or writing about MICHAEL JACKSON

Everyone has an opinion of him. Some say he’s a child molester, while others feel that he’s totally innocent. Not just innocent of the molesting charge, but child-like innocent… trapped in a world that he’s created for himself. I was a fan of MICHAEL JACKSON since his days with the Jackson 5. I was [and continue to be] in awe of his talent. When he dances, you can’t help but become mesmerized by his moves — he becomes the music. When he sings, you find yourself pulled in. And when he performs it’s magical.] I saw MJ live on the Victory tour in Jacksonville [how appropriate, huh?]. I’ve never seen such a mixed crowd so into anything. Young, old, men, women, and kids of all races. It was a memorable, enjoyable evening.

That was the MJ of old… before the allegations and out of court settlement.

… but now the talk isn’t about his dancing, or his music or his talent…

Billy Joel Hospitalized

Less than 90 minutes ago it was reported that BILLY JOEL had been in a car wreck and was hospitalized in stable condition. JOEL apparently went off the road and hit a tree on Friday evening. Specific details are still sketchy and the hospital has not released details of JOEL‘s injuries.

As a longtime fan, I want to wish BILLY JOEL a speedy recovery.

Update January 26, 2003 10:07 AM EST – It has been reported that BILLY JOEL has been released from the hospital.

Michael Jackson’s Face

MICHAEL JACKSON‘s face has made the news again. Or at least it will when it is the subject of a special edition of NBCs “Dateline” set to air at 10 p.m. EST Feb. 17th. When I first heard about this, it struck me as funny that a “news” program would seriously cover such a silly subject… but I have to admit I was kind of intrigued.

No one can dispute that MICHAEL JACKSON is an extremely talented individual. But it would also be hard to argue that he’s not getting more and more bizarre as the years go by. Thinking about the changes that have occurred in his behavior and his face, one could almost argue that as his actions get stranger his nose gets smaller. After MJ holding his baby over a fourth floor balcony, I might just have to tune to see if he still has one.