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“Dave Stevens: Drawn to Perfection” (2022) / Z-View

Dave Stevens: Drawn to Perfection (2022)

Director: Kelvin Mao

Stars: Dave Stevens, Thomas Jane, Billy Campbell, Joe Johnston, Brinke Stevens, Bruce Timm, David Mandel, Danny Bilson, William Stout, James R. Silke, Bill Wray, Scott Shaw and Mark Evanier.

Tagline: None.

The Plot…

Dave Stevens was a professional artist best known for creating The Rocketeer.  The Rocketeer quickly became a fan favorite comic book series.  It was later adapted as a feature film.  The Rocketeer is what most people think of when Dave Stevens’ name comes up.

What many don’t know is that Dave Stevens worked inking comic strips before creating The Rocketeer.  He also drew storyboards for Hanna-Barbera’s animated shows.  Later Dave Stevens provided storyboards for Raiders of the Lost Ark and Michael Jackson’s Thriller!  He was married to actress Brink Stevens.  He helped popularize Bettie Paige with a new generation.  When he discovered that Ms. Paige was still alive, he befriended her.  Dave Stevens made sure that Bettie Paige received money from people profiting off the use of her likeness.

Dave Stevens was an artist obsessed with perfection.  He wanted every drawing, every page, every panel, every line to be as he pictured it in his mind.  Despite being an award-winning artist, and considered the reigning king of pinup artists, Dave Stevens was hampered by his quest for perfection.  It caused his output to be slow.  Mr. Stevens had high standards for his art, himself and those few he considered friends.

Drawn to Perfection explores all aspects of Dave Stevens life and career.  We hear from his family, friends and even Dave himself through vintage interviews.  If you’re at all interested in learning more about Dave Stevens, then Drawn to Perfection is the place to start.

Neal Adams’ Bruce Lee / “Enter the Dragon” Art for Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #17

José Villarrubia recently posted this cover saying that he wasn’t a fan of the subject matter, but the Neal Adams painting was one of his favorites.  I’m on board with Villarrubia’s assessment of Adams’ art.  I am/was the perfect demographic for the subject matter.  Bruce Lee is a legend.  Enter the Dragon remains one of my all-time favorite films.

Thanks José Villarrubia for a post that took me back to my childhood.

THE SINS OF THE SALTON SEA by Ed Brisson, C.P. Smith and Tim Bradstreet

THE SINS OF THE SALTON SEA by Ed Brisson (writer), C.P. Smith (artist) and Tim Bradstreet (cover artist) sounds like a winner.  Here’s the synopsis…

“One last job” for washed-up demolitions expert Wyatt could mean the last days for all mankind in THE SINS OF THE SALTON SEA, an apocalyptic crime thriller from AWA!

It’s supposed to be an easy score: An armored car traveling desert back roads with $50 million in dirty cash. But things go sideways, people end up dead, and there’s no money in the truck. What’s all this have to do with a cult called The Sons of the Salton Sea? And is mankind REALLY doomed to eternal damnation if the Sons don’t fulfill their deadly mission? It might just be the end of the world as we know it in this explosive crime thriller from Ed Brisson (Predator, Murder Book) and C.P. Smith (THE RESISTANCE: UPRISING, ARCHANGEL 8)!

Wyatt, a professional thief living off the grid, is recruited by his brother for one last job. Their target: an armored car traveling down a desolate stretch of California highway. But when it turns out that their target is carrying not gold bars but human cargo, Wyatt is plunged into a conflict between warring factions of a doomsday cult. The cult claims that it is their solemn duty to save the world by means of human sacrifice. Will Wyatt protect the boy who has come into his charge? Or will he be swayed by the cult’s increasingly convincing claims that the end of the world is fast approaching?

THE SINS OF THE SALTON SEA drops February 20, 2024.

Steranko’s Nick Fury – Lancaster or Douglas?

If you ever get a chance to meet Jim Steranko, don’t sleep on it.  Steranko is a master storyteller.  He is a legendary artist.  This Nick Fury piece by Steranko was one that he brought to New York ComicCon 2023.

Steranko has said that his Nick Fury was based on Burt Lancaster.  For some reason this Steranko Nick Fury headsketch reminds me of Kirk Douglas.  And that’s not a bad thing.

Source: Steranko Facebook Group.

“The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon” – Season 1 (2023) starring Norman Reedus / Z-View

The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon – Season 1 (2023)

Created by: David Zabel

Director:  Daniel Percival (Eps.1 – 2, 5 – 6); Tim Southam (Eps. 3 – 4)

Teleplay by:  David Zabel (Ep. 1); Jason Richman & David Zabel (Ep. 2, 5); Coline Abert (Ep. 3); Shannon Goss (Ep. 4); Dani Parker (Ep. 5); Jason Richman & Laura Snow (Ep. 6)

Starring:  Norman Reedus, Clémence Poésy, Louis Puech Scigliuzzi, Blanc-Francard, Anne Charrier, Romain Levi, Adam Nagaitis, Eriq Ebouaney, Dominique Pinon and Melissa McBride.

Tagline: Hope is not lost.

The Plot: 

Daryl Dixon finds himself in France when he wakes up on a deserted beach.  How he got there will become clear as the season progresses.  His goal is to get back home.  Unable to speak the language and with no one he can contact for help, Daryl begins his journey.

Daryl is injured after encounters with a walker with corrosive blood and killers who are part of a paramilitary group.  When Daryl comes across a fortress held by nuns, he is given aide.  There Daryl meets Sister Isabelle (Poésy) and a young boy named Laurent (Scigliuzzi).  The nuns and others throughout France have heard of Laurent.  Many, for reasons that will become clear, believe that Laurent will be the savior of humanity.  He will lead France to a new golden age.  Sister Isabelle tells Daryl that it was prophesied that a warrior would come who would safely take Laurent to Paris where followers await.

Daryl ain’t buying it.

But when Sister Isabelle promises that she has people in Paris who could help Daryl get back to America, he agrees. Cue the walkers.

Thoughts (beware of spoilers)

It’s neat seeing Daryl as a stranger in a strange land.  It is cool how quickly people/groups came to realize how dangerous/resourceful Daryl is.

I like the idea of the nun with a past and how she is working to receive redemption.  I also got a kick out of what became of the man she left behind.

Seeing zombies we are familiar with as well as new “strains” of zombies is something that needs to continue in small doses.  I like the “explanation” for the new fast and strong walkers.

Except for Norman Reedus, (and a cameo by Melissa McBride) all of the actors/actresses were new to me except for one.  I couldn’t figure out where I’d seen him before.  So I looked up Dominique Pinon.  He was Vriess in Alien: Resurrection!

The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon – Season 1 features some of the best Walking Dead episodes in recent memory.  Bring on Season 2.

Nick Fury by Steranko!

If you ever get a chance to meet Jim Steranko, don’t sleep on it.  Steranko is a master storyteller.  He is a legendary artist.  This Nick Fury piece by Steranko was one that he brought to New York ComicCon 2023.

Steranko has said that his Nick Fury was based on Burt Lancaster.  I think that becomes obvious in this one.  Can you imagine Burt Lancaster in his prime as Nick Fury?  Steranko can.

Source: Steranko Facebook Group.