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LEAD CITY by Eric Borden and Kyle Brummond!

The LEAD CITY graphic novel by Eric Borden and Kyle Brummond comes out today.  I bought LEAD CITY when it was first on Kickstarter.  If you didn’t, here is your chance to get the complete series in a single trade paperback.  The synopsis from the publisher…

A farmer enters a deadly gunfighter competition in order to save his family.

Doesn’t exactly make you want to shell out your hard-earned cash, does it?  That’s too bad, because LEAD CITY is a fun story with cool art.  Let’s try the write-up from Kickstarter.  If LEAD CITY sounds like something you’d like, you know what to do.

Sly Stallone as Jack Carter by Gary Shipman!

Gary Shipman is a self taught artist and writer.  Shipman has been nominated for Eisner, Harvey and Russ Manning awards.  When I saw that Gary Shipman was regularly doing sketchcard (and other) commissions on WhatNot, I decided to try to get one.  As you can see above from Shipman’s riff on Sly Stallone as Jack Carter, I succeeded.  And he nailed it.  Look for more Gary Shipman art here in the near future!

You can see more of Gary Shipman’s art at his webpage, his Instagram page and on his Whatnot stream.

Robert McGinnis’ Censored Art for “Dr. No”!

Tony Stella shared this on his Twitter feed and I thought it was interesting.  The bottom art by the great Robert McGinnis was used to promote James Bond in Dr. No.  Compare it to the top art and you can see how it was censored prior to use.  Bond is given shorts.  The lady isn’t as well endowed and what she has is better covered.  Also note the changes in her face.  In the top art she seems to enjoy her, uh, job at hand much more.  ; )