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Vin Diesel is a Man Apart

VIN DIESEL‘s next film,  A Man Apart,  has Diesel playing a narcotics cop whose wife is murdered when when drug dealers attempt to kill him. Man, if they think he was after them before…

Although the advance word has been mixed, the trailer looks pretty good and with Diesel in the lead, ya gotta imagine that it’ll do well.

Personally, I can’t wait until DIESEL returns in “Pitch Black II: The Riddick Chronicles” but this will help get me through the wait.

Can You Dig It?

Dreamfield Entertainment announced today that it has reached a licensing agreement with Paramount Pictures to market action figures and accessories based on WALTER HILL‘s 1979 classic “The Warriors.” The toys are expected to be released this summer.

I remember seeing “The Warriors” during it’s initial theatrical release. I’m somewhat surprised that they’re making aciton figures of it twenty years after its premiere. But then again, it is considered a cult classic and it does have characters that will make cool looking action figures.

Can you dig it? I knew you could.

Bruce Willis’s Tears

Anyone here like BRUCE WILLIS? Ok, hands down. Anyone here enjoy “Training Day?” Good, good.

Anyone want to see BRUCE WILLIS team up with the director of “Training Day” for an action – adventure movie? I thought so.

Well then, click below to see the trailer and HERE to visit the official site. Class dismissed. See you tomorrow!

Kill Bill Trailer Party

I just saw the trailer to “Kill Bill.” Four times. I’ll watch it again after I post this. It’s that good. Everything works… the colors, the heightened reality, the MUSIC, the editing, the actionoh baby, the ACTION!
If you’re a fan of QUENTIN TARANTINO, UMMA THURMAN, kung fu, 70’s revenge flicks or movies that rock then stop reading and watch this trailer! Then head over to the “KIll Bill” site. You’ll be glad you did.
Talk to you later — I’m heading back to check out the trailer again!

Narc’s Buzz

It’s been a while since there’s been a movie that I’ve really looked forward to seeing as much as “Narc.” The positive buzz on the film has been building, the trailer makes it look like the real deal and the web site made me want to see it even more.

“Narc” stars
RAY LIOTTA, JASON PATRIC, and CHI McBRIDE. It’s written and directed by JOE CARNAHAN [who may be a guy to watch], and produced by RAY LIOTTA and TOM CRUISE. I’m hoping to catch “Narc” the weekend that it opens. I hope it lives up to my expectations.

RIP – Ken Tobey

I really wasn’t planning a Zablo Zone update on Christmas, but I just read that KEN TOBEY died on December 22 at the age of 85. Many of you might not recognize the name, but I’m sure you’d recognize his face. Mr. TOBEY appeared in 100 movies and made nearly as many tv show appearances.

He usually played a cop or soldier, as in his most famous role, that of Captain Patrick Hendry in the original “The Thing From Another World.” You’ll also find KEN TOBEY popping up in movies such as “Beast From 20,000 Fathoms,” “Marlowe,” “Billy Jack,” “Airplane,” “Big Top Pee Wee,”… well, you get the idea.

If you’d ask me to list my favorite actors, it ‘d have been a while before I got around to listing his name. Reading that he’d passed on though, reminded me of just how many times he has entertained me. Check out his filmography and list of tv appearances and I’m sure that you’ll feel the same way.

So that’s why I decided to do an update… because what better gift can you get on Christmas, than one filled with fond memories?

Below Rises to the Top

On October 11th, there are three films coming out that I really want to see. My bet is that you’ve heard of two of them.

The films are “Below,” “Knockaround Guys,” and “The Transporter.” Had you heard about all three, or was I right?

“The Transporter” has been advertised everywhere and looks to be an, action-packed thrill ride. “Knockaround Guys” has a great cast including Vin Diesel. Despite the fact that it’s been sitting on the shelf for quite a while, I think it’s going to be enjoyable and will do well at the box office. It’s funny, the one I want to see most has had the least press.

What’s “Below” then? It’s co-written and directed by David Twohy. Twohy did the same duties on “Pitch Black.” Remember how that turned out? “Below” is the story of an American submarine facing Nazi war ships on the surface and something worse below. Harry Knowles calls it “a haunted house flick, where there is no door to sneak out of…” that “… combines elements of CAINE MUTINY, Robert Wise’s THE HAUNTING, LEGEND OF HELL HOUSE, DAS BOOT and some stuff that I haven’t seen in any of those movies.” Stuff that Harry hasn’t seen?!

Still not sold? Check out the full review. Want to see more? How about a look at the trailer? Here’s the website. I think that despite the terrible publicity, this will be the movie to see on October 11th.

It’s been a while since there have been three movies coming out on the same day that I want to see.

Any bets on which one I’m gonna see first?

The Mechanic

Charles Bronson had a long career staring and co-staring in a bunch of great movies. “The Dirty Dozen.” “The Magnificent Seven.” “Death Wish.” “Hard Times.” One of my personal favorites is “The Mechanic.”

Never heard of it? Well, it’s coming out on dvd on October 8th and you owe it to yourself to at least check it out.

Bronson is a hit man… perhaps the best in the business. If he takes a job, the target is as good as dead. Jan Michael Vincent is the son of a mafioso who becomes Bronson‘s protoge… not knowing that Bronson has recently murdered his father…

The Mechanic” was directed by Michael Winner [who also directed Bronson in “Death Wish“] with a flair for action without compromising the story. [The opening scene shows Bronson setting up a hit and goes on for several minutes without a word of dialogue!] And although I won’t give it away, be prepared for a great “surprise” ending!

I’m looking forward to adding “The Mechanic” to my dvd collection. Watch it once, and odds are you will too!

The Mechanic” rates an A

Diesel’s Streak

Vin Diesel has a great streak going… Pitch BlackThe Fast and the Furious

…and now XXX.

All of these films are/will be in my dvd library.

With talks of sequels for both Pitch Black and XXX, Vin could actually join Sean Connery, Sly Stallone, and Harrison Ford who all have had TWO movie franchises going at the same time!

XXX works. Diesel is more than believable as the extreme sports junkie recruited to become a government agent. The set-up and “training” sequences are really fun and include some of the best scenes in the movie. [And ya gotta love how they show a James Bond type trying to survive in this “new world.] Samuel L. Jackson is always a plus and I hope that we get to see more of him [in action] in the sequel.

Vin Diesel‘s next film could be the sequel to Pitch Black followed by the sequel to XXX. Both of these are fan favorites so it looks like the streak will continue to grow…

… and so will my movie collection!

The Signs are There

The signs were all there.

M. Night Shyamalan had already written and directed the oh-so-cool “Sixth Sense” and the well done “Unbreakable.” Mel Gibson and Joaquin Phoenix were set to co-star. M. Night was back as writer and director. The trailers were full of suspense, and left you wanting more. Yeah, the signs were all in place for a winner.

But you never know.

I saw “Signs” yesterday and it’s been on my mind constantly since. The story does involve aliens.. but probably not in the way that you’re expecting. It’s as much about family, redemption, and faith as it is aliens… and it is scaryvery scary at times! But it will also make you laugh, move you to the verge of tears, and more than likely leave you feeling very happy for seeing it.

This is my favorite movie of the year thus far. It rates a solid “A.” I think you’ll enjoy it to because…

… the signs are all there!


Mike Zeck’s “Get Carter” Prelim

If you’re looking through the SZ Art Gallery in order, then you saw Mike Zeck’s finished Jack Carter piece. [If you haven’t then you’re still in for a treat!] Mike also sent me this prelim that he worked up before doing the final version. Man, is he great or what?
Mike accepts commissions and you can see more of his work at his site. Please tell him I sent ya [and let us see what YOU get]!
– Craig Zablo (July 20, 2002)

"Reign of Fire" Rocks

I went to “Reign of Fire” hoping for an action-packed roller-coaster ride. I wasn’t counting on it, but I was hoping.

Reign of Fire” boasted a screenplay by three people [Gregg Chabot, Kevin Peterka, Matt Greenberg], that I’ve never heard of, starred Christian Bale, and Matthew McConaughey [neither considered “A” list stars], and was directed by Rob Bowman [who didn’t impress me with the “X-Files” movie]. The odds were that the film would be entertaining at best… the odds were wrong. This film rocks.

Bale did an excellent job in his role but McConaughey OWNED every scene he was in. The direction, production values, special effects were all top notch. I must admit that the ending did let me down a bit but not enough to stop me from adding this baby to my library when it is released on dvd.

Reign of Fire” rates a B+.

Sly by Sergio Toppi

Sergio Toppi is one of the Italian masters that people like Frank Miller, Bill Sienkiewicz, Mike Mignola, Walt Simonson, Mike Zeck, and many others go crazy for. Big John Beatty was raving about how nice this piece is when he saw it. And who could disagree?

It is pen and ink on Bristol board, about 13″ x18″ and it is currenty available for sale from Enrico who operates Red Sector Art. Enrico has one of the nicest art sites on the web. He respresents a wide variety of excellent artists (many are available for commissions) and his Frank Zappa site has provided me with the inspiration to put up a permanent StalloneZone Sly Art Gallery! (E-Mail me if you would like to contribute.) Check out Enrico’s Red Sector Art  and please let him know that you learned about it from the StalloneZone!

– Craig Zablo (April 28, 2002)

Artwork © Sergio Toppi

Hellboy Goes Green

Ain’t It Cool News has reported that the Hellboy movie based on Mike Mignola‘s fan favorite character, Hellboy, has been greenlit. Guillermo Del Toro (“Blade II“) is set to direct. Despite earlier reports that Vin Diesel might play Hellboy, it appears that Ron Pearlman will get the role instead. This is cool for a number of reasons, the first two being that 1) Pearlman was the first choice of both Mignola and Del Toro and 2) Pearlman is so right for the role! Filming begins this winter in Prague! You can get full details here.

Hellboy is one of the few comics that I buy EVERY time it comes out. Mignola never disappoints. Here are a couple of trade paperbacks that could help you get up to speed if you’ve missed out…

Hellboy: Seeds of Destruction

Hellboy: Conqueror Worm

Hellboy: Odd Jobs

I’m really excited about the prospects for the movie Hellboy. Del Toro is a fan of the comic, Mignola is working closely with him and Pearlman completes the trio. This could be really cool. I’ll keep ya posted!

Training Day Lives Up to Hype

I finally got an opportunity to see “Training Day” — what a powerful movie. No doubt, if you’re a movie fan, you’ve heard the hype. This is one movie that lives up to it.

Denzel Washington turns in a truly Oscar-worthy performance (his best yet, in my humble opinion). Ethan Hawke is excellent as well. While this movie isn’t for everyone, it is for my money one of the best movies that I’ve seen in months.

If you’ve seen it, I’d love to hear your thoughts… if you haven’t, consider it on your next trip to the video store. As for me, this baby is gonna end up in my personal collection!

“Training Day” rates an A+