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Man on Fire’s Latest Trailer

Man on Fire  could turn out to be a really cool movie.

Man on Fire  stars Denzel Washington and is directed by Tony Scott. Denzel plays a the bodyguard who is shot and left for dead when his client, a child, is kidnapped. Denzel recovers and goes after the kidnappers.. doing what he does best. Killing anyone who gets in his way.

If the movie lives up to the latest trailer, we’re in for one fun ride.

Bring on a New “Dawn of the Dead”

When I first heard about the remake of Dawn of the Dead  and that George Romero was not directing it, I was very disappointed.

The I heard about that Ving Rhames was heading up the cast and the fact that it wouldn’t be a scene for scene remake and my interest picked up.

Now that the official Dawn of the Dead website is up and running, I can’t wait to see it.

Miller & Rodriguez on Sin City

Frank Miller‘s Sin City directed by Robert Rodriguez! Man, that news is just too good to be true.

Frank Miller’s a genius. Daredevil... RoninThe Dark Knight Returns300 and my personal favorite, his Sin City series.

Robert Rodriguez is the man behind El Mariachi, Desparado, Once Upon a Time in Mexico and the Spy Kids Series… 1, 2 and 3D.

Now Rodriguez is teaming with Miller to bring Sin City to the big screen. And when I say, “teaming,” I mean as co-directors.

According to Harry at Ain’t It Cool News the screenplay will pull from Sin City, That Yellow Bastard, The Big Fat Kill and possibly Booze, Broads & Bullets.

The only thing cooler than that is how Miller and Rodriguez got together.

The Bride is Back

After seeing “Kill Bill” I left disappointed.

I felt that the hospital scene was excessively gross… even for a movie which thrived on excess and went down from there.

Yet, I will probably return to see the conclusion in Kill Bill 2.

I’ve heard that it is more like Tarantino‘s other films. I sure hope so.

Well… if it’s half as good as the latest advance poster, then I’ll leave happy.

[For a larger look, click HERE.]

New Punisher Trailer

A new trailer for The Punisher  is here!

I think that the movie will probably do okay at the box office
but it could go either way.

If the younger crowd gets behind it, it could do pretty well. If the reviews are good and it’s advertised to reach the baby boomers, it’ll do even better.

But it could just as easily sink. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

The Rock is Walking Tall

One of the biggest suprises to hit Hollywood in recent years is  Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

The Rock took a bit part in The Mummy and in just a small role showed an amazing amount of screen presence and charisma. Last year’s The Rundown was one of my favorite movies of the year. It had just the right blend of action and drama.

Next up for The Rock is Walking Tall,  which I have to admit sounded like a bad idea to me. I did change my opinion after seeing the trailer.

Mel Gibson, the Man

I’ve always liked Mel Gibson. I’m talking about Mel Gibson, the actor.

Gibson could have went the easy route after the runaway worldwide success of The Road Warrior. But he didn’t. Instead he took chances… movies like Hamlet, The River, and The Year of Living Dangerously.

Then Mel Gibson, the actor, took an even bigger chance and became Mel Gibson the director. He soared to even greater heights with Braveheart and The Patriot. Gibson hedged his bets somewhat since he was the star of both of these megahits. But with The Passion of Christ he has put it all on the line.

Gibson co-wrote, directed and funded [to the tune of $30 million or more of his own money] The Passion of Christ. The movie is subtitled since the actors speak the original languages. And Gibson‘s face never appears on screen. Talk about taking chances. All of this has added to my admiration of Mel Gibson.

Last night after watching his interview on ABC’s Primetime I was even more impressed. Gibson spoke openly and honestly about his crisis of faith and how his beliefs have saved… even redeemed him. He answered the charges that he was anti-Semitic. And he refused to answer anything about his father other than to say that he loved him. Mel says that message of The Passion of Christ is “faith, hope, love and forgiveness.” It was refreshing to see a celebrity be so open and revealing. And while I may not believe everything in the same way as Mel I can honestly say that I’ve never liked him more.

I’m talking about Mel Gibson, the man.

More About Mel

The last ZONE piece that I did on Mel Gibson brought in a lot of e-mail, so I thought that many of you would be interested in another Mel Gibson update.

Mel is featured on the cover and is the subject of a lengthy article in the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly. Mel will also sit for an interview that will air on ABC’s Monday “Primetime.” Mel also has an interview in the March issue of Reader’s Digest.

Finally, the Ransom Special Edition dvd will be released on March 23rd. It’ll have a commentary track by director Ron Howard, extensive deleted scenes, a “What Would You Do” making-of featurette, and more.

If you have a passion [sorry, I couldn’t resist] for Mel Gibson movies, then February and March are going to be a lot of fun!

Rundown and Get a Copy

The Rundown, one of my favorite movies last year, will be out on dvd on March 23rd. Presented in a widescreen anamorphic format, it’ll contain deleted scenes, featurettes and more.

The Rundown had a great mix of action, comedy and adventure. On the 23rd you ought to Rundown and check out a copy!

“The Rundown” rates an A

Gibson’s Passion

I‘ve been a Mel Gibson fan since I first saw The Road Warrior  at a drive-in movie theater over twenty years ago. It’s been cool following Mel’s career… and even cooler to discover what a talented director he is. Braveheart  and Lethal Weapon  are two of my all-time favorite movies.

Mel‘s been taking a lot of heat for his latest movie, The Passion of Christ, but I have a feeling that, while it may not be a crowd-pleaser on the level of The Patriot, it is going to be very well done, moving and impressive.

Cast for “Assault on Precinct 13” Named

On January 27th I posted that talks were underway to re-make John Carpenter‘s classic Assault on Precinct 13. According to The Hollywood Reporter and, Ethan Hawke and Laurence Fishburne have signed on to co-star in the retelling.

This is interesting casting. Ethan Hawke surprised me with his excellent performance in Training Day.

It’ll be interesting to see how Fishburne plays the cool, ruthless killer Napoleon Wilson [a character that I would have loved to see Sylvester Stallone take a shot at].