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You Nazty Spy!

In January 1940, as World War II raged in Europe, The Three Stooges filmed one of their most popular shorts, You Nazty Spy! 

Not only was You Nazty Spy! Moe and Larry’s favorite of all their shorts, it also marked the first time that Hitler was spoofed in film and Moe was the first American actor to play Hitler.

You can read more interesting and amusing facts about You Nazty Spy! here and here.

Nyuk! Nyuk! Nyuk!

New 3 Stooges Trailer, uh, Hits

The new trailer for The Three Stooges has, uh, hit.

It’s no secret that I’m a Stooges fan, heck, aren’t all guys?  Before you click on the link below, let me warn you: There’s one mild profanity and it’s followed by a lot of slaps, punches, eye-pokes, and falls that aren’t that funny.  I did smile though when I saw the look on Curley’s face at Larry’s prolonged yell when the lobster got a hold him.

Now that you’ve been warned, click away, if you’d like to see the new Three Stooges trailer.

Tales of MegaCon 2012: Morning Funnies

The photos today are of folks who came in costume to MegaCon 2012.  They have nothing to do with the following post other than the fact that the nonsense I’m about to tell you took place at  MegaCon 2012.

If you’ve been following my previous posts about MegaCon 2012 [Paul Gulacy and Mitch vs BIG RUSSIAN GUY] then you know I spent most of the weekend hanging out with my buddy, John BeattyJohn was a guest of the show, and had a table where he sketched and signed autographs for fans.

On the way to the convention Saturday, John and I decided to swing by McDonald’s for a breakfast to go.  The McDonald’s was packed and the drive-through closed for construction.  So, I ran in and got our breakfast while Beatty circled the lot for a parking spot.  Soon enough I had our orders and we were on our way to the show.

We ended up parking in a lot next to the convention center even farther out than on Friday.  The difference this morning was that there were bicycle-rickshaws that would ride you over to the convention center for five bucks a head.  Since I had my convention bag full of reference, sketchbooks, a camera plus a small cooler with drinks and snacks for Beatty and I, I thought the bike-shaw was a good idea.  Beatty had his drawing board and bag of art supplies, and so he agreed.

A bike-shaw rider pulled up and asked us if we wanted a ride.  We said we did.  He said he could take us both at the same time.  Cool.  I climbed in with my two bags and McDonald’s Sugar-Free Vanillia Iced Coffee with non-fat milk.  I had taken a sip and it was perfectly made.  I couldn’t wait to get to the convention table to drink it with my McSkillet steak burrito. Once I was settled in the bike-shaw, John came on with his art board, art bag and McDonald’s Mocca Frappe.

As the bike-shaw driver started to get us moving, the bike and then ric-shaw started to shake back and forth.  My iced coffee went flying and landed spilled across the parking lot.  The driver apologized.  Beatty and I repositioned our gear and the guy started off again.

It was slow going… at first.  Then the driver got his momentum and we’re were going at a fast clip.  Which was fantastic until it came time to make a fairly tight curve.

Have you ever tried to stop a loaded locomotive?

Apparently neither had our driver.  The bike went up the curb and the ric-shaw lurched as Beatty and I came out of it.  Surprisingly, Beatty never lost hold of his frappe.  The driver again apologized.  We straightened out the bike-shaw, pushed it around the curve and re-loaded.  Soon we were on our way and arrived at the convention center without further incident.

A short walk and we were at our table – ready for our breakfast burritos John still had his frappe and I could drink a Diet Coke from the cooler.  I asked John for my burrito.

He said, “Didn’t you get the bag out of the back seat?”

“Uh, no.  You put it there.  I thought you got it.”

Beatty wasn’t sure if I was messing with him.  I wasn’t.  Our breakfast was sitting in the back of his Charger… and neither of us were going back for it.

The next day Beatty and I hit the McDonald’s again for breakfast.  This time we got a MUCH closer parking spot and walked in to the convention.  We ate our breakfast at the table and all was great…or so I thought.

After I ate, I decided to walk around and talk to some artists.  When I got back, Beatty wasn’t at the table.  I asked Bob McLeod, who had the table next to us, where John was.  Bob started laughing and said, “You don’t know?”

“No, I really don’t.  What’s so funny?”

John finished his breakfast and decided to get started on a sketch.  When John opened his art bag, he realized he had his clothes bag and his art supplies were in the bag in his car.”

At least we were parked close by.

Tales of MegaCon 2012: Mitch vs BIG ANGRY RUSSIAN GUY

Yesterday, I promisedMegaCon 2012 story about John “Hex” Carter. So, on the off-chance that’s why you’re back, here it is.

Hex was set up at MegaCon 2012 three tables south of John Beatty and I.  As you can see from the photo, Hex is a big guy.  When in character, as he was for MegaCon, Hex speaks in a deep, booming Russian voice.  Imagine a mean, angry Cossack’s thunderous voice and then think a little scarier.

The other guy in the photo is Mitch HymanMitch is a funny guy. If he heard me say that, Mitch would say something like, “Yeah, but looks aren’t everything.”  Mitch is a much smaller guy than Hex.  Oh, and Mitch had never met or even seen Hex before.

So it’s early on Saturday and Mitch is telling Beatty and I one of his many humorous stories when Mitch says something about his Russian grandma’s beard — and follows that up with something to the effect of, “You know all Russian women have beards.”

I say, “Hey Mitch!  You better be careful what you say about Russian women and beards.”

Mitch questions a look at me and says, “Yeah?  Why’s that?”

Perfect, he’s given me my in.  “Because if the BIG RUSSIAN GUY hears you, he might take offense.”

Mitch cracks a smile, thinking I’m joking and replies, “Let him take offense.  I’ll kick his *** if he doesn’t like it.”


Mitch replies, “Really” and looks at me like it’s my move.

So while returning Mitch’s stare, I yell: “Hey BIG RUSSIAN GUY!”

On cue, Hex rises to his full height, raises his arms in the air and yells in that booming, scary Cossack voice: “Vhat?”

The look on Mitch’s face is priceless.  There is no way that Mitch  believed that there was a Russian around, much less a BIG RUSSIAN GUY who might be angry about his comment.  Mitch immediately says to me, “Don’t get me in trouble with this guy.”

Ignoring Mitch, I instead point to him and yell to the BIG RUSSIAN: “This guy says that all Russians are…”

Mitch quietly says to me, “Zablo, don’t get my butt kicked.”

I continue: “...SISSIES!”

With that Hex, in character roars: “RUSSIANS are not SISSIES!” and he begins stomping down to our table.  Mitch goes paler, if you can believe that.  Hex stomps down to the table.  For a split  second Mitch stands frozen in his spot staring up at the huge angry Russian. Then we all have a good laugh and I get them to pose for photos.