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Heroes Once Again

I missed out on Heroes Con last year.  Normally, we plan the family vacation so that we’re in Charlotte the weekend of the show.  It just couldn’t be worked out last year.  Up until a week ago, I thought I’d miss the convention again.  But thanks to some buddies who’ve invited me to join them, I’ll be there when the doors open on Friday, June 19th and plan to hang around until they throw us out on Sunday, the 21st.

I’m excited because I’ll get to hang with a group of friends I haven’t seen in a while – “The James”, Hal, Will, Matt, Jason, Gary,,, I’ll get to see some artists/writers whose work I love – Ed Brubaker, Otis Frampton, Chris Brunner, Eric Canate, Evan Bryce… aw, you can check out the guest list here for yourself.  Then if you get the urge, make plans to come to the show.  [ I’d hate for you to miss out.  Trust me, I know how that feels, and it ain’t fun.]

Florida SuperCon

Next week is the Florida SuperCon in Miami.  With over 100 media celebrities and comic guests in attendance [including Bruce Campbell, Ted Raimi, Chris Claremont, Tony Moore, Dick Giordano, Dennis Calero, Mitch Breitwesier and scores of others], costume events, video gaming, panels and more, there should be something for everyone.

I’ll be there on Saturday checking things out.  Hope to see you there!

Free Comic Book Day

Today is Free Comic Book Day.  Comic shops all over the country will be giving away free comics, having store signings with comic book writers and artists, offering big discounts on comic related items, having drawings, costume contests and all sorts of fun.  Although I love going to comic conventions, meeting artists and writers, and having all sorts of fun, I’ve never attended a FCBD event.  Today that changes.

The Queen and I have been up since 4:30am [had to drop my son & his girlfriend off at the Orlando airport] and have already driven well over 100 miles.  In an hour or so, we’re getting back on the road and heading down to Famous Faces & Funnies in West Melbourne, FloridaDerec Donovan and Karl Moline will be there sketching and signing autographs.  We’re going to check out the festivities [and maybe see about a Stallone sketch or two].

Then it’s back on the road and down to Collector’s Comics in Port St. Lucie, where my buddy, John Beatty will be sketching and defacing comics with his signature.  His lovely wife, Bella, will also be there and it will be a chance for her and the Queen to get together and compare notes.  Oh, and store owners Keith Mallow and Monica will be on hand to keep Beatty and I in line.  A good time for all is guaranteed.

Then the Queen and I will get back on the road to head for home.  If we time it right a dinner a Dixie Crossroads is in the plans.  Yeah, this looks to be a great day.

Gene Gonzales: Lords of Flatbush

The extremely talented, extremely nice, Gene Gonzales created his take on Sly from “The Lords of Flatbush” at the recent FX show.  Big John Beatty had requested that he have a table near Gene and it was a great move.  Gene is funny, knowledgeable and really nice.  [Did you hear that somewhere before?]

Although many artists said the FX show wasn’t as busy as they’d hoped, Gene was constantly signing autographs and sketching for fans.  At one point Gene even surprised me by singing the promotional song for “Lords of Flatbush.” That sealed the deal — I asked him if he would draw Sly as Stanley and Gene came through with flying colors.

You can see more of Gene’s work at his blog where he posts art DAILYGene is also available for commissions and his prices are very reasonable.

Thanks again Gene!

FX Photos

That’s me and horror host Lon Midnight at the FX show on this past weekend.  I’m the mug on the left.

One of the fun things about comic conventions is the number of people who show up in costume.  Here are pictures of a few.  John Beatty posted some nice photos of some of the artists at the show.

As you look at the photos sometimes it’s hard to tell who’s in costume and who’s simply dressed as they usually do!

FX is a Week Away!

We’re a week away from FX International.  My buddy, John Beatty will there as a guest along with other comic book artists, movie and tv celebs and thousands of fans.  I’ll be hanging out at Big John’s table on Friday and Saturday as he autographs and sketches.  [Oh, and if you plan to get a sketch from John be sure and print out his Big Beatty Stimulus Bucks Coupon!  It will get you five dollars off any sketch purchased!]

Speaking of sketches, I’ll be hoping to get a few more additions to my Stallone theme, as well as a couple of autographs.

Drop me a comment if you plan to attend.  A fun time will be had by all.

Jason Walker, Frank Miller, Watchmen & FX

I got the Jason Walker quick sketch that I posted today, two years ago at an Orlando Con. Jason, Gary McKee and Mike Torrence had joined together to do a sketchbook. All three were giving free head sketches to anyone who picked up a copy. Since I consider all three guys friends (and I dig their art), of course I was down for a copy. I’ll post Gary and Mike’s quick sketches soon.

Anyone here caught any of the History Channel’s new series, BC Battles? It’s really well done, but Frank Miller should be getting a kickback on every episode. Not only is the action made to look like scenes from the movie “300” but the type face on logos and any lettering looks just like Miller’s from the comic. Well, we all know what they say about homage and all that.

I’m a bit surprised at how fast “Watchmen” dropped at the box office. I liked the movie a lot. Of course, I’m a comic fan and don’t think that the graphic novel is the “be-all, end-all,” so I’m probably the perfect audience for the film. Still, I thought it would do better…

I’m really looking forward to the FX show. Beatty and I always have a blast and the guest list is really packed. If you’re planning to be there, post a comment and let me know.

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FX International

That’s me and John Beatty back in 1991.  Although it looks like we’re either Siamese twins or getting ready to cut a WWE promo, we’re actually fooling around at a comic book show.   John and I have been attending comic book conventions since we were in high school [a few years before he became a professional funny book tracer] and we’re still doing it.  Guess [Hope] we’ll never grow up.

John will be a guest at FX International next month.  He’ll be there with a ton of other comic book artists, movie and tv celebs and thousands of fans.  If you happen to be one of the above and are going to the show, swing by and say, “Hi!”  Who knows, maybe you can join us for a funny photo.

MegaCon Report

I made it over to MegaCon yesterday. I got to touch base with John Higashi, Hal, Matt Haloub, Andy Smith, John Beatty [with Bob McLeod and Jason Sobel at the tables on either side], Mark Dail, Pat Broderick, Mike Kott, Joe Pekar, Derek Donovan, and Jimmy Sanders. I split the day between hanging out at Beatty’s table [he got me in on a guest pass] and walking the show with Hal. It was a really enjoyable day.

I picked up two pieces for my Stallone collection. Ron Salas did a very nice Rambo headshot [usually it’s Rambo giving someone a headshot and not the other way around] and Mitch Byrd [who I’d wanted to get a piece from for years] did an amazing Jack Carter sketch. I’ll post them soon.

FX is coming up in April. I plan to attend.  Anyone else going?

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~whoisrico Mar 1, 2009 Professional General Artist
Aw man, I’ve never seen Mitch Byrd at a show! I woulda sent you some cash to get me a saucy Batgirl if I was paying attention!

~CJZ Mar 1, 2009

I’d been hoping for a piece from him for a couple of years. You would have died to see some of the art he had. His Hellboy piece was amazing. He did a King Kong for a guy that was so cool. He charges twenty bucks for a basic commission. More for pre-done pieces. The highest price I saw was $75. Many of his pre-done sketches were five bucks a piece.

I think he is going to be at FX in April. I plan to attend and will let you know as the date gets closer.

~whoisrico Mar 2, 2009 Professional General Artist
Aw man! 5 bucks?! dang!

~CJZ Mar 2, 2009
Yeah, it was amazing.

MegaCon This Weekend!

MegaCon starts tomorrow.

I love me some MegaCon.  There’s a ton of guests, including my buddy, John Beatty.  Although I won’t be there tomorrow, I do plan to attend on Saturday.  If you’re there swing by Beatty’s table.  Odds are I’ll be there.  The main reason to swing by though is to check out the really cool sketches John will be kicking out.  Big John is even offering a coupon for a discount on his sketches!

Hope to see you there!

Daytona Con!

This Sunday [November 16th] from 10am to 5pm at the Holiday Inn & Suites my buddy Steve Meyers is putting on a small comic book convention. Admission and parking are free. John Beatty will be there sketching. That alone is worth the price of admission. There will be other guests and several vendors on hand. Heck, I might even get to swing by for a bit. If you’re in the area, you should too! 

Wild Bill Checks In

My old buddy [okay, he’s not that old], Wild Bill Black dropped in to say that he’s going to be a guest at Tim Gordon’s August 10th comic show. Tim’s shows are always a blast and having Bill there just adds to the fun. Wild Bill says that he’ll bring some of his comics and dvds for fans to purchase. Autographs are free. ; )Bill said that he’ll also bring some trailers and film clips for the show’s film room. But why wait, you can see the trailer for The Blue Bulleteer Captured by the Cloak by clicking here.

If you’re able to make the show, you should. I can gurantee a fun time.

3 Less Heroes

Shelton Drum’s Heroes Convention is without a doubt one of the best comic book – media shows anywhere. Over the years longtime ZONErs have read about my adventures at Heroes Con meeting favorite artists, writers, as well as friends old and new. It was always a blast seeing who was going to add their work to my Stallone Theme Gallery or who was going to join the crowd for dinner or whose room would become “the spot” for the evening. And that’s not even taking into account the art auction, book signings, costumes, etc.
Most years the convention would be held on a date that worked for the entire Zablo family vacation. Other times my oldest son, Mike [who is into conventions] and I would share a room with John Beatty. Unfortunately this year the show is being held on a date that doesn’t work out for either plan.

Still, if YOU are able to attend the show, you should. I can guarantee you’ll have a great time. Even if Beatty, Mike and I aren’t there to add to the fun.

Comics, Movies, and Lon Midnight

This morning I headed over to the the Daytona Beach Comic and Toy Show. My buddy, Steve Myers, runs it and I knew that several other friends were going to be there as well. The plan was we’d all meet up at the show and then some of us would cut out for lunch. It was great seeing Bill and Reb Black, Nick Northey, Tim Gordon, Mark Gmuer, and Chris Hanson. I’d hoped to meet Jerry DeCaire, but he was running late and arrived just as I was leaving. John Beatty and Bella were also running late, and decided to just meet us at Uno’s for lunch. When we left the show there had already been over 100 people through the doors, so it looked to be a success.

Lunch at Uno’s was fun. How could it not be when you’re sharing table time with Bill Black and John Beatty? Bill brought me some dvd’s that I’d been wanting to see from his online movie store. The amount of product that Bill has available [ranging from horror to superhero to tv detectives to…] is amazing. I’m especially looking forward to the horror movies hosted by Lon Midnight! [That’s Lon and me in the photo above. If you’re not sure which of us is the horror host, it’s the guy on the right.]
After lunch we all headed in different directions, but all plan to get together at Tim Gordon’s August Show. Maybe we’ll see you there!