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Zablo is Rejected!

Yesterday I wrote about the amazingly talented artist, Joe Bluhm, and his book Rejects. Here’s what I said:

Joe is a caricaturist and occasionally he does a drawing that the customer doesn’t want. Surprisingly these are often some of the best drawings of the day! Joe has put together a great book called Rejects. It features rejected caricatures and his comments about them. When Joe told Beatty about the book, Beatty said it was a great idea and that he’d pay to have me drawn in “reject mode.” We all laughed. Higashi heard this and decided it really was a great idea. The next thing I knew Higashi had his camera out and aimed in my direction…

Well, as you can see from the photo above Higashi went through with it. LOL! You know, Joe is such a talented artist that I can honestly say it’s the first time I’ve ever been happy to have been rejected!

Hard to Believe… Jock Mahoney

Hard to believe, but that’s a photo of me that appeared in 1980 on the inside front cover of Bill Black’s Fun Comics #1. Although it was 27 years ago, it seems like yesterday… ok, maybe not really yesterday, but definitely not 27 years ago.

OrlandoCon 1980. Bill Black, Jim Ivey, and Mike Kott were all friends of mine [still are in fact] and the main men behind OrlandoCon. That year Jock Mahoney was the media guest of honor.

Jock had a long, successful career in movies and on tv. He started out as a stuntman, but soon was playing the lead as The Range Rider, Yancy Derringer, Tarzan [in 3 movies], and in so many other roles. Jock was also Sally Field’s stepfather!

Because of my connections with Bill, Jim and Mike, I was able to appear on stage with Jock when he did some demonstrations of how fights are filmed for movies. Jock was a great guest. He even posed with Bill and his wife Rebecca for the fumetti below. Hard to believe that it was done over 1/4 century ago…

A Real Prison Thriller

We have over 2 million people locked up in US prisons. Conditions are usually tough. Gangs, violence and drugs are rampant. Everyone cries out for a solution and yet no one really knows what should be done… until now.

It seems that a prison in the Philippines has a program that all inmates enjoy and participate in. I give you the 1,500+ inmates of the Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center, Cebu, Philippines in their version of Michael Jackson’s Thriller.

Get Funnier [Hopefully]

I was never a HUGE fan of “Get Smart”. Sure, it had it’s moments, and I can see where “Get Smart” could really work as a movie.

Despite the fact that “Get Smart” has been well cast with Steve Carell [Maxwell Smart], Anne Hathaway [Agent 99], Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson [Agent 23] and Alan Arkin [The Chief], I’m not convinced that it’s going to be a winner. This teaser trailer didn’t change my mind [although I did chuckle at “You did underestimate me and the element of surpraaaahhh – ”


Today We Die!

My buddy, John Beatty, and I have been taking trips together since we were teenagers. So about 30 years ago, before we headed off on a short trip to Orlando, one of us looked at the other and said, “I really feel like we’re going to get in a wreck today.” Of course we didn’t, but that didn’t stop the creepy feeling that that simple statement gave us.It became a kind of joke with us. We’d be pulling out for a trip to Orlando, Tampa, Atlanta, or any destination and one of us would say to the other “I really feel like we’re going to get in a wreck today.” Over the years the statement even occasionally changed to “I really feel like we’re going to be killed in a car wreck today.” Of course whoever is driving then has to make sure that the prediction doesn’t come true. So far I’m 100% and John is pretty close to that.

So in honor of a stupid statement that we continue to toss at each other [of course NEVER when my wife or kids are riding with us], I give you Today We Die!