Prison Break Canned

I just read that FOX is cancelling “Prison Break.” I can’t say that I’m surprised or even too disappointed.  That might sound strange considering that “Prison Break” is one of my favorite tv shows.  (Stephen King said the same thing not too long ago in an issue of Entertainment Weekly.)  I’ve followed the show without fail from episode one, season one.  It’s still one of the first shows I’ll turn to when firing up the ole dvr.

So why am I not too disappointed that the show is coming to an end?  Well, I think that it’s pretty much run it’s course.  Truth be told, I wasn’t too sure that they’d be able to pull off a second season after breaking out of prison.  But they did.  The characters were interesting enough and the story moved fast enough that the twists and turns were a blast.  The third and fourth seasons have been more of the same… but lately the show seems to be heading to a conclusion.  And I have no problem with that.  In fact, I’ll be there watching until the very end.

Rambo Triumphant

Today I received my limited edition, Rambo statue from the good folks at Hollywood Collectibles.  The statue was placed inside a molded styrofoam shell which was then put in a well designed packaging box which was then placed in a larger shipping container filled with packing nuts.  If you think I’m making too big a deal about how pleased I was with the secure packaging, then you don’t know my delivery guy.

The statue, about 12 inches tall, is a thing of beauty.  Sculptor,  Edinho Maga shows Rambo standing triumphant.  Each statue was hand painted by Dan Cope who did a wonderful job.  Hollywood Collectibles always turns out quality items and this Rambo statue  is no exception.  Although this piece is sold out, there are other Rambo collectibles,  Rocky items,  and many other movie collectibles as well.

I want to thank Mark from Hollywood CollectiblesMark contacted me once I had posted photos of Edinho’s work on the StalloneZoneMark was impressed.  I put the two into contact with each other and the rest, as they say, is history.  Throughout the whole process Mark kept me informed on the statue’s progress.  It was also Mark who made it possible for SZoners to get a discount if they ordered a statue.  Mark and Hollywood Collectibles have been great to deal with.  I hope that future Stallone projects are given the same treatment.  I could say more, but it’s time to go clear off a place on the mantle for my Rambo statue.

The Inside Straight Man

When I was in college I played a lot of cards.  A whole lot.  We had friendly games at least once a week and sometimes [quite often] more than that.  There are many stories that can be told and have been told about those games.  Some of those tales have reached legendary status among those of us that were there… and our friends subjected to our “war stories.”

But I had no idea that Jim Ivey aka the “Inside Straight Man” was so well known!

Jack is Back!

“24” is back tonight with a two hour premiere!  I’m really looking forward to the return of Jack Bauer“24” is one of the few shows that I have watched from the first episode without missing a single show.  I’m ready for the streak to continue.

My New Hangout

I’ve got a new hangout on the net. Surprisingly, it’s at

My buddy, John Beatty recently got a spot there and started posting his art.  Naturally I swung by.  I was surprised to see how many artists [and friends] hang out there.  I wanted to leave some comments, and decided to open an account — it’s free.  Then John suggested I post up some of my Stallone drawings in a gallery.  I did.  Next thing I knew I had friends and artists leaving me comments.

So why not drop on by and check it out.  I’m slowly getting my collection up, but I can guarantee you’ll find plenty of cool stuff to check out if you look around.

I Don’t Draw ‘Em

I’m not an artist, but I’ve always loved art. I believe that comic books were the start of it all. Like most kids of my generation, I loved comic books. Unlike most, I never outgrew them.

In junior high I met John Beatty. He was also into comic books and original art. He wanted to be a comic book artist. During our high school and my college years, Beatty and I spent a lot of time at Jim Ivey’s Cartoon Museum. Jim’s was THE place for comics and original art. We also started attending conventions. I was in college and Beatty had become a comic book artist.

I sold off my art collection when I was ready to graduate college. I kept just one piece, a Paul Gulacy commission of Sylvester Stallone [my favorite actor]. Over the years some of my artist friends gifted me pieces of Stallone art. When my sons were in their mid-teens we started attending comic conventions. I realized that getting sketches of Stallone from my favorite comic artists was a perfect mesh of my hobbies.

So, no, I don’t draw ’em, I just collect ’em.

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Rare Bruce Lee Interview!

Kliph Nesteroff is going to make many ZONErs happy when they click on this link to see a rare interview from 1971 with Bruce Lee.  The videos run about 26 minutes total and are worth every second.  Lee talks about:

  • his fighting style of no style
  • his work on “Green Hornet”
  • the celebrities he trained [Steve McQueen was the best fighter]
  • his breakthrough on “Longstreet”
  • the new American tv series he was set to star in [Although it’s not covered, the series eventually went to David Carradine and the title was changed from “The Warrior” to “Kung Fu”]
  • and more!

It was great seeing Bruce Lee in a new interview.  He was an amazing talent and died way too young.  I think it’s time for another viewing of “Enter the Dragon.” What better way to honor his memory than to enjoy his ultimate performance?

Mills Premieres Cooke’s Hunter

Chris Mills made my day when he posted the cover above to Darwyn Cooke’s adaptation of Richard Stark’s novel The HunterIf anyone is more excited about Cooke’s plans to adapt Stark’s work than me, it’s probably Chris Mills.  He is not only an author himself, but also an expert in the crime genre… and do I have to remind any ZONErs how much I dig Chris’ character Gravedigger?

Rourke is Expendable & Expendable Love

Variety has reported that Mickey Rourke has signed on to co-star in Sly Stallone’s action flick, “The Expendables.” Rourke will join Sly, Jason Statham, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren and Forrest Whitaker in what many are calling the can’t miss movie of the coming year.  The National Post even published an article today with the title: “Early Prediction: Stallone’s The Expendables will be the greatest action movie of all time.”

The also has an interesting [and positive] article on “The Expendables.” Here are a few quotes:

The Second Coming of Mickey Rourke owes itself in part to Stallone’s faith in him a decade ago, when he recommended Rourke for a minor role in the remake of Get Carter. Their brooding, mangle-faced chemistry was about the only thing that clicked while the film imploded around them. We wanted more, and we’ll get it.

Sir Ben Kingsley rumored to have an eye on the project…

Unless you count Denzel Washington (we don’t) and his Where the Wild Things Are voice work for Spike Jonze, Forest Whitaker hasn’t worked with a real director since Kevin Macdonald shepherded him to an Oscar in 2006.

You gotta love it.  Rourke and Stallone together again on the big screen.  Yeah, we did want more.  And, yeah, we’re getting it.  It’s also interesting to note that the author of the piece must consider Sly a “real director.”

Now if we can just get Kurt Russell and Bruce Willis on board and a cameo for Arnold, I say let the filming begin!

New Hall Art

Ed Hall recently sent in the piece above that he created for his portfolio.  Ed is an award-winning political cartoonist who has decided to branch out into other areas.  As he journeys into these new waters, Ed regularly posts his thoughts and art on his blog.  Check it out and let him know your thoughts.