The World’s Most Dangerous Man

“What if the most dangerous man in the world looked like someone you’d see at the tractor pull on Friday night?”

That was the pitch that sold editors at Wildstorm on the new two issue mini-series by [writer] Jeff Mariotte and [artist] Francesco Francavilla.  If the pitch didn’t pique your interest, perhaps knowing that the first time we see Garrison [the most dangerous man in the world]… 

“he’s walking away from a town that he has just burned to the ground, with everyone inside.  And he’s the hero.”

Want to learn more?  Then click here or here.

“Last Days of American Crime” Preview has a great preview of Rick Remender’s “Last Days of American Crime” mini-series. I’ve been a fan of Rick’s work for years and have been hoping to see this mini-series for almost as long.  The 17 page preview showcases some really great art by Greg Tocchini, but before you click over on the link be aware that some of the images are pretty violent and the language raw.  If you’re okay with that then click on, Leon.

“Avatar” Teaser Hits

I’m a huge James Cameron fan, and have been waiting a long time to see what his Avatar  would be like.

This first teaser gives glimpses of some really cool stuff… along with other scenes that make me go “uh, okaaay…”

Hopefully the really cool will greatly outweigh the “okay.”

I Choose Flickchart

My latest addiction is Flickchart.  It’s a website based on a simple premise: it is possible to create a definitive ranking for your favorite movies.  But you’ve tried without success, you say.  How can you choose between “The Wizard of Oz” and “Enter the Dragon” or “Aliens” vs “Terminator 2” or… 

But it can be done.  The site simply posts two movie posters and you choose the movie you like best, it then ranks the movies based on your choices and repeats endlessly with different movies.  If you like movies and rankings, give it a try.  Just be careful… a few times and I was hooked… and loving it!

Dick Giordano: Demolition Man #2

To comic book fans, Dick Giordano is a living legend. During his fifty plus years in the biz he’s done everything from ink all the greats (including himself) to serve as Editor-in-Chief of DC Comics, to co-founding his own comic company. Mr. Giordano also has a great sense of humor.

I recently had the good fortune to pick up six model sheet headsketches of Sly that Mr. Giodano did before starting work on DC Comics adaptation of “Demolition Man.” That’s the second posted above.

“Law Abiding Citizen”

Until I saw this trailer yesterday before seeing “District 9,” I hadn’t heard anything about “Law Abiding Citizen.”  Heck, it wasn’t until about halfway through the trailer that I even recognized Gerard Butler. Although the concept is a bit far-fetched, the trailer makes “Law Abiding Citizen” look like it will be a fun ride.

And who doesn’t like a fun ride?

Mike Zeck Kicks Things Off

Digging around in the ZONE vault and we find a Mike Zeck front piece for RBCC #145 from 1978. Mike was a regular contributor to the RBCC fanzine and he wasn’t alone. Many folks who went on to have successful careers in the comics field were proud to have their art appear in the pages of RBCC.  In this issue you could see the early work of Bob Layton, John Bolton, Dennis Fujitake, David Michelinie, Fred Hembeck, Don Rosa, and Kerry Gammill.

Two ads for fanzines caught my eye: the first, for Fandom Playhouse talked up “the fantastic work of Mark Chiarello” — who at that time was an 18 year old kid with a dream; and the second for a fanzine called Grymalkin which featured the work of Neal Adams, Frank Frazetta, John Byrne, Mike Nasser, George Perez, Don McGregor and many others.  [I may still have some of the art pages from it somewhere in the ZONE vault…]  Grymalkin sold for the outrageous price of a buck-fifty postage paid. 

Man, do I wish I had a time machine.