Author: Craig Zablo

The Kennedy Assassination

I’ve always been interested in The Kennedy Assassination. I’ve followed the different theories from a single gunman to Cuban assassins sent by Castro, to the CIA, or the Mafia, to even someone in the limo shooting President Kennedy.

I’ve come to believe that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone, but my mind is still open. One of the most intriguing theories was that Vice President Johnson was somehow involved in the assassination of President Kennedy.

The History Channel has assembled a panel of historians to “examine the credibility” of theories. The results of their study will become the basis of a History Channel Special which will premiere later this year.

And while I doubt there will be any definitive answers, I am sure I’ll tune in.

Walking Dead Interview

Without a doubt, my current favorite comic is The Walking Dead. I’ve been singing its praises since the first issue. Robert Kirkman [writer] and Tony Moore [artist] are a great team.

If you want to know more about The Walking Dead, check out this interview with Tony Moore.

You may then want to find a source for all of the comics. You probably won’t find any first printings since each issue is selling out despite printing more!

But don’t buy it because it’s a hot title, buy it because it’s a great read!

Cast for “Assault on Precinct 13” Named

On January 27th I posted that talks were underway to re-make John Carpenter‘s classic Assault on Precinct 13. According to The Hollywood Reporter and, Ethan Hawke and Laurence Fishburne have signed on to co-star in the retelling.

This is interesting casting. Ethan Hawke surprised me with his excellent performance in Training Day.

It’ll be interesting to see how Fishburne plays the cool, ruthless killer Napoleon Wilson [a character that I would have loved to see Sylvester Stallone take a shot at].

Drew Struzan’s Hellboy

They just don’t make movie posters like they used to.

Drew Struzan is the king of movie posters. Drew is so good that sometimes his posters are even better than the movies he makes them for!

Well, can you guess who created the movie poster for Hellboy? That’s right, Drew did! In fact the picture to the left is a small version of it. If you want to see the larger version then head over to

But before you go, let me give you the bad news. The Drew poster will NOT be the official poster for Hellboy. Seems the people in charge of promoting the film decided that the photo poster is better.

Man, they just don’t make movie posters like they used to… or maybe it’s just that they don’t use them.

Season Ends for Playmakers

If you were in charge of programing and had a new show that not only received critical praise, but also drew in five times the number of viewers than the network had during the previous year, what would you do?

Let me make it easy. I’ll give you three choices…
Would you A] Celebrate B] Give everyone a raise C] Cancel the show

If you answered C, you’d be right.

ESPN just cancelled Playmakers which was critically praised and did indeed bring in five times the number of viewers. Playmakers wasn’t just one of the best shows on ESPN, it was one of the best shows on TV. Period.

I’m hoping that another cable channel will pick it up. If not, I wish everyone who worked on it the best… because their work on the show was.

Con Man’s Daughter

I think I’ve found a great character for Sly to bring to the big screen!

Ed Dee Dee introduces ex-cop, ex-prize-fighter Eddie “God help me… I love a brawl” Dunn in his latest novel, The Con Man’s Daughter.

Dunn was a decorated NY City Detective who was forced to resign in disgrace and then worked for a Russian mobster. Now in his mid-50’s and retired, Dunn must return to the mean streets of New York and go toe to toe with a variety of the worst that the city has to offer in order to save his kidnapped daughter.

If you like hard boiled heroes and stories that keep you guessing, then this one is for you… and Sly!

Kurt Russell’s Miracle

I think that Kurt Russell is one of the most under-rated actors in Hollywood.

I loved him as Snake Plisken in Escape From New York and Escape From LA.

And while not every Kurt Russell movie has been a favorite, I can truly say that even the bad ones have been made better because of him.

Kurt‘s latest is Miracle. And while it’s not high on my must-see list, I’ll bet it will be better because Russell is in it.

The Potential of Troy

Another movie that I’m really looking forward to is Troy.

It’s a classic story that I loved as a kid and recently re-discovered as I helped my son with some Greek mythology assignments.

Wolfgang Peterson is the director. Brad Pitt and Orlando Bloom star. Sounds like a team that could put some people in the seats.

Still not convinced? Check out the trailer and then tell me what ya think!

An Exciting Superbowl

Well, it was an exciting Superbowl.

Despite the fact that last night’s victory by the New England Patriots over the Carolina Panthers, was one of the best Super Bowl games ever, more people are talking about the half time antics than the game itself.

At the end of the half time performances, Justin Timberlake pulled off part of Janet Jackson‘s costume exposing her breast. The NFL is upset. Both CBS, and MTV have issued apologies. Justin Timberlake called it a “wardrobe malfunction.”


At least it wasn’t as bad as the guy who made it down on the field, stripped off all of his clothes and began to dance. He than ran around as security attempted to catch him. Patriots linebacker Matt Chatham did what he does best and tackled the streaker who was then taken away by security personnel.

Well, it was an exciting Super Bowl… and the game was pretty good too!

Survivor All-Stars

While the majority of the world is looking forward to the Super Bowl [myself included], there is another sporting event today which pits the very best competitors against each other.

That’s right, Survivor All Stars premieres tonight after the Super Bowl.

It’s a Zablo family event each week to gather around the tube and cheer for our favorite competitors. Often we don’t agree on who we want to win… but I’m willing to bet that this time we’ll all be pulling for Rupert.

Now if I could just get Big Beatty to take the Panthers even…