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“Stairway to Gilligan’s Island”: Led Zeppelin & Classic TV Theme Mash-Up performed by Puddles!

How about a fun mash-up.  Originally performed by Little Roger and the Goosebumps, our version is by Puddles aka The Sad Clown with the Golden Voice.  If you ever get a chance to see Puddles perform live, you should take it.  I did and would do it again!  Yep, I’m a fan.

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This mash up was created by Little Roger and the Goosebumps. I asked Roger Clark if he would be cool with me covering this and he said that was ok with him. He’s a swell fella. This video is from my Sequestered Summertime Streaming Show on VEEPS streaming platform. I’ll be continuing my streaming shows until I can get back on the road.

Get the original and more from Little Roger and the Goosebumps here:…

Derek Ennis played guitars.
Tim DeLaney played bass, drums, keys, mixed and engineered.
Puddles sang it.

Puddles the Sad Clown: Let Me Live That Fantasy

Last week I posted about Puddles the Sad Clown with the Golden Voice.  Since then I have watched all the Puddles’ song videos I could find.  I’ve also shared them with family and friends.

This morning a friend sent me a link to an excellent profile of Puddles that appeared at Grantland.   The article is Let Me Live That Fantasy, by Justin Heckert [illustration by Tim McAuliffe] and while it answers a lot of questions about Puddles, it definitely leaves me wanting to know more.

Puddles: the Sad Clown with the Golden Voice

Some people have a real fear of clowns.  I can understand that since some clowns are scary.

If you’re someone who gets scared of clowns, then you probably already booked it out of this post since it is about a seven-foot tall clown named Puddles: the Sad Clown with the Golden Voice.

Listen to Puddles sing and it’s easy understand the golden voice part… not sure why he’s sad since that clown can croon.