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The All-Time Best TV Friendships!? C’mon, Man!

 Allison Keene and the Paste TV Writers posted a fun piece titled The 25 Best TV Friendships.  Their list isn’t a bad one and contains many of the tv friendships you’d expect to see including…

  • Mary Richards and Rhoda Morgenstern from The Mary Tyler Moore Show.
  • Hap and Leonard from, uh, Hap & Leonard  
  • Jerry Seinfeld and George Costanza from Seinfeld

But I have to question any list of The 25 Best TV Friendships that doesn’t find a spot for…

  • Ralph Kramden and Ed Norton from The Honeymooners
  • James T. Kirk and Spock from Star Trek
  • James West and Artemus Gordon from The Wild, Wild West

C’mon, man!

The Best Boxing Movies of All-Time

Christina Newland at Paste Magazine took on the monumental task of ranking The 50 Best Boxing Movies of All Time.  Her list is a pretty good one, including several lesser known films (and some silent movies).  Before you click over, here are her top five compared to mine (using just her list) and then some overall comments.



1. Body and Soul (1947) 1. Rocky (1976)
2. Raging Bull (1980) 2. The Set-up (1949)
3. Rocky (1976) 3. Requiem for a Heavyweight (1962)
4. Fat City (1962) 4. Raging Bull (1980)
5. The Set-up (1949) 5. Rocky Balboa (2006)

Most folks know of my appreciation of the Rocky series so I thought it only right that my best boxing movies using Newland’s list, start and end with Rocky movies.

Looking at Newland’s top five – Usually the top spot in boxing movie lists is held by either Rocky or Raging Bull, so I give her props for picking Body and Soul.  That’s a good film, but it wouldn’t make my top five.

All of my top five are films I can watch and re-watch.  Outside of the Stallone films, I’ve probably watched The Set-Up the most.  It is such a great movie, if you haven’t seen it, I strongly recommend you give it a view.

The All-Time Best TV Bromances

The fine folks at Me-TV decided to take a look at The 10 most timeless TV bromances that all friends should aspire to.   Their list is a good one.  Here are my three favorites from their list (and my thoughts), followed by some that didn’t make the cut but should have.

  • James T. Kirk and Spock – ‘Star Trek‘ came in at number 8.  I would have put them in the #1 spot.  Kirk and Spock’s friendship was never in doubt despite them often having different points of view.  Probably the most “equal” friends on the list.
  • Andy Taylor and Barney Fife – ‘The Andy Griffith Show‘ came in at #4 and would have gotten my #2 spot.  Another great example of male friendship.
  • Ralph Kramden and Ed Norton – “The Honeymooners”  got the top spot on the Me-TV list.  Ralph and Ed were great friends although Ralph wasn’t above taking advantage of Ed when it served him best.

Here are some bromances that I would have included…

  • James West and Artemus Gordon “The Wild, Wild West” would have been in my #1 or #2 spot.  
  • Matt Dillion and Festus Hagen – “Gunsmoke“.
  • Jerry Seinfeld and George Costanza – “Seinfeld“.
  • Walter White and Jesse Pinkman – “Breaking Bad“.
  • Sheldon Cooper and Leonard Hofstadter – “The Big Bang Theory“.
  • Howard Wolowitz and Raj Koothrappali – “The Big Bang Theory“.

Who did I miss?

Parker, Shaner & a New Flash Gordon Series

Although I’m not a Flash Gordon fan, I will check out the new Flash Gordon series from IDW.  That’s because Jeff Parker [writer] and Evan Shaner [artist] will be at the helm of Flash’s new adventures.  Jeff Parker says…

“We’re bringing Flash back for a new audience.  It’s over-the-planet high action and adventure where Flash’s spirit and optimism are as powerful as anything the forces of Ming the Merciless can dish out.  We also have some of my favorite artists contributing covers – make no mistake, this book is going to absolutely kill!”

“Yes, Timmy, there is a Santa Claus”

Today I’ll be at the Tampa Comic Con & Toy ShowTim Gordon, who runs the show, is debuting his first Christmas Comic for Charity and John Beatty and I have a story in it.

When Tim decided to put together his charity Christmas comic, he contacted several artists and writers to see if they would donate a pin-up or a short Christmas-related story.  John decided that he wanted to participate and said that if I would write a short story, he’d pencil, ink and color it.  How could I refuse?

What you see below is the result of our efforts.  I hope that you enjoy them.

Time for Tampa

On Sunday, August 19th, I’ll be joining Big Beatty and hundreds of other fans of comics, movies, sci-fi and other interesting hobbies as we converge on Tim Gordon’s Tampa Comic Book & Toy Convention.You’ve heard me rave many times about what a great show Tim puts on. This one could be the best ever! In addition to John Beatty, guests will include Bill Black, Alex Saviuk, Herb Trimpe, Gary Friedrich, Chuck Dixon, Pablo Marcos, and many others. There will be something for everyone… artists sketching and signing autographs, a costume contest, a continuously running film room and more.

If you’re able to make it, swing by Big Beatty’s table and be sure to say, “Hi!”

Almost Time for Tampa

If all goes according to our plan, in two weekends [November 12th to be exact], I will join my buddies, “Big” John Beatty, John “Star Wars” Higashi, and “The James” Howell for our tri-annual trip to Tim Gordon’s Tampa Comic Book and Toy Show. That’s Tim pictured above. He’s the guy not wearing a mask.

The show is always a blast. If you’re a long-time ZONE reader, then you’ve heard me speak about the show many times before. If you’re new to these parts, then click HERE and you’ll get a preview of the fun.

Hope to see some of you at the show. I’ll be the guy looking for Stallone sketches!

Daytona Beach Comic & Toy Show

If you live within traveling distance to Daytona Beach, Florida, you might want to make the trip this Sunday to check out a small comic book convention. It will be held at the Holiday Inn & Suites, 930 N. Atlantic Ave., (A1A), Daytona Beach, Florida from 10 am to 5 pm.

Admission and parking are FREE.
Special Guests are: 
  • John Beatty ( Marvel/DC Inker from 1 pm to 3 pm):  John will be doing 4.5 ” x 6.5 ” head shot sketches on colored paper for $ 20.00.  Proceeds will go to a non-profit organization.
  • Bill Black ( AC Comic Publisher/Director/Artist):  Bill will be promoting his latest DVD releases and selling his line of 200+ page reprint trade paperbacks (SRP: $30.00) for $15.00 each.
  • Rachel Pandich (IDW Writer):  A new face on the comic scene will be promoting the story she did for IDW that will come out early next year.
  • Nick Cuti (Writer/Artist, co-creator of E-Man):  Will be set-up with vendor Tim Gordon and be signing autographs and talking with fans.

It should be a fun afternoon!

Tampa Con Report

I finally had some time to post a few pictures from Tim Gordon’s Tampa Comic and Toy Convention. Those two mugs above are John Beatty and I. We’re holding up copies of the Christmas Charity comic that Tim put together. Big J and I did a story for it. John says that since the last story we worked together on was about 30 years ago, we can look for our next team-up somewhere around 2039.

John did some sketches while at the show…

Some superheroes showed up…

And even one that looked like…

Tampa Comic & Toy Convention

This Saturday, I’ll be joining my buddy, John Beatty at Tim Gordon’s Tampa Comic Book and Toy Convention.  If you’re a regular ZONE reader, then you’ve probably read about Tim’s shows  many times.  We try to attend as many as possible because they’re always a blast.

This one should be no exception.  In addition to Big Beatty, you can also meet Todd Nauck, Billy Tucci, Tommy Castillo, Dick Giordano, Alex Saviuk, Gene Gonzalez, “Leaping” Lanny “The Genius” Poffo, Santa Claus, and a whole bunch of other talented folks.  There will be a film room, give-a-ways, artists sketching and more.

Live & In Person

I just want to remind everyone that at about 11am EST, John Beatty will be drawing live $10 head shots.  Not only can you watch as he creates ’em, you can even order your own to be drawn as you watch. I’ll be in the luxurious JBI studio to co-host the event.  It will be a blast.  Hopefully you can drop in, even if you don’t plan to order a sketch or five. I’m on board for at least two! Full details are here.

I also want to remind ZONErs that John and I will be guests at Tim Gordon’s November 7th TampaCon.   Tim’s Tampa show is always a blast and this one will be no exception.

Tim has put together an anthology Christmas comic with the proceeds going to charity.  John and I did a three page story for it [which John pencilled, inked and colored] and we’ll be there with about 2 dozen guests including: