Damion Damaske and present the TOP 10 MOST ICONIC HORROR MOVIE VILLAINS!.  Using just their choices here are my top three with some comments following…

Who knew that Captain Kirk’s face painted white would look so terrifying? However, judging by his current tweets, we should have known way sooner. In any case, even though the mask was made out of no money and desperation, Michael Myers became a horror icon, and arguably the star of the first real slasher (in the same way DOOM wasn’t the first FPS, but was the one that made them viable). Also, he’s just creepy looking as hell. And while the HALLOWEEN franchise is a mess (with more reboots and retcons than STAR TREK), Michael Myers has always remained terrifying throughout, even in the worst entries (except HALLOWEEN III, but that wasn’t his fault).

Before Freddy Krueger became a quip machine who spent his time scaring fat rappers and having his face slapped on kid’s lunchboxes, he was scary as hell. Not only is Freddy’s burnt face, brown hat, striped Christmas sweater, and knife hand an iconic look, but the way he kills his victims makes him by far the most dangerous of anyone on this list. I mean, you can run away and hide from pretty much any other horror villain, no matter how difficult or unlikely. Freddy Krueger, on the other hand, lives in your dreams, meaning you can never truly escape him. And while most horror villains will stab or eat you, Krueger goes the extra step to imaginatively torture you, like sucking you into your bed until guts explode onto the ceiling, or killing you in a videogame. Which is just humiliating on top of everything else.

What’s not to say about Dracula, arguably one of the most iconic horror movie villains in cinematic history? He’s dangerous, charming, and – above all – extremely powerful. He’s almost always the leader whenever monsters mash together (such as MONSTER SQUAD or VAN HELSING), and was the star of many classic horror films, such as NOSFERATU (a film that doesn’t namecheck Dracula, but which got sued for its similarities), the 1931 original with the iconic Bela Lugosi performance, BRAM STOKER’S DRACULA, and DRACULA 2000 (okay, three-out-of-four ain’t bad). He also is just so damn stylish. I wish I could rock a cape like that!

How could you leave off the Frankenstein, Wolf Man, or the Creature from the Black Lagoon from a list of Iconic Horror Villains? To me Michael Myers and Jason are almost interchangeable.  Although there is no comparison between Halloween and Friday the 13th as to the better film.  (Hopefully, we all agree that Halloween takes that honor.)