The “Lost” Cody Starbuck Story!

My introduction to independent comics was a Howard Chaykin Cody Starbuck story in the first issue of Star*Reach.  Starbuck was a swashbuckling space pirate and over the years I followed his all-too infrequent adventures.

Cody Starbuck made appearances in Star*Reach 1 and 4, Cody Starbuck (self-titled issue published by Star*Reach), Heavy Metal issues 2 – 6 and a portfolio of prints published by Sal Q. (I still have mine!)  The Star*Reach Companion reprinted earlier Cody Starbuck stories.

There was also another Cody Starbuck story published in Spain back in the early 80’s. Sadly, I like many Chaykin / Cody Starbuck fans never got a chance to see it.

Until now.

Thanks to The Bronze Age of Blogs, that “lost” story has been reprinted and you can see it here (bonus points if you can read Spanish).