“Westworld” (1973) Modern Day Trailer!

I saw Westworld when it was first released.  I was almost 15 and thought the movie was awesome.  Living an hour from Disney World made the idea of a futuristic amusement park for adults seem reasonable.  I thought it was a surprising plot twist that they guy that appeared to be the sidekick (Benjamin) to the hero (Brolin) turns out to be the movie’s star.  Well, sort of.  Top billing, of course, went to Yul Brenner, who played a terminator years before Arnold.

I bring this up today because HBO Max just released a modern day (recut) trailer for Westworld.  Makes me think it’s time for another viewing.  Maybe I’ll do a Westworld and Capricorn One double feature.

A high-tech amusement park for adults features three recreated historical environments – Medieval World, Roman World and Western World – populated by highly realistic androids programmed to indulge the whims of every high-paying guest. The main attraction of Westworld is the Gunslinger – a robot programmed to start duels but who can always be killed by humans packing special guns. John and Peter, two buddies on vacation, wake up in a Westworld bordello after a night of brawls and booze, not yet knowing that a system-wide failure has infected the androids and placed them in mortal danger. Stream the 1973 film, Westworld, on HBO Max today.