The 25 Most Memorable Moments in TV History

Flavorwire recently ran a list (with video clips) of The 25 Most Memorable Moments in TV History.

Let’s take a look…

25. The Wedding of Charles and Diana (1981)  Although my wife got up at the break of dawn to tune in. I couldn’t be bothered.  I don’t see what the attraction is to royal weddings, but for some there is one.  (I’m 0 for 1)

24. “Do You Believe in Miracles?” (1980)  I’m not a hockey fan, but I do enjoy the Olympics.  I didn’t see it live, but it was everywhere in the days/years that followed.  (1 for 2).

23. The End of The Fugitive (1967) I was 8 years old and saw this one when it first aired.  I watched a lot of tv shows with my mom and The Fugitive was one that we always watched. (2 for 3)

22. J.R. Gets Shot on Dallas (1980) I’ve never watched a single episode of Dallas and didn’t even tune in to see who killed ole JR.  (2 for 4)

21. Lucy Goes to the Candy Factory (1952) Although I was not born when this episode first aired, I’ve seen it many, many times.  Then again, who hasn’t?  (3 for 5)

20. The “Checkers” Speech (1952) This aired the same year that Lucy went to the candy factory.  I’ve seen it, but the “Checkers” speech wasn’t as funny as Lucy on the candy assembly line. (4 for 6)

19. Sammy Davis Jr. Visits All in the Family (1972) All in the Family was required viewing in our house (we only had one television at the time), but we all loved the show! (5 for 7)

18. Johnny Carson’s Final Tonight Show (1992) By 1992 I had stopped watching late night television (Carson, Letterman, etc.), but tuned in for Johnny’s swan song (Bette Midler anyone?).  (6 for 8)

17. The Rescue of Baby Jessica (1987)  If you’re a news junkie, you were watching.  I am and was. (7 for 9)

16. Muhammad Ali Lights the Olympic Torch (1996) I’m an Olympics fan and even bigger Muhammad Ali fan.  I saw it.  (8 for 10)

15. M*A*S*H: “Goodbye, Farewell, and Amen” (1983)  I liked MASH okay early on, but had stopped watching.  I did turn in for the final episode though.  (9 for 11)

14. Election Night (2000) Like all news junkies, I was tuned in.  (10 for 12)

13. Salute at the Mexico City Olympic Games (1968) I didn’t see it live. (Was it even shown live?)  But I have seen it many times. (11 for 13)

12. Elvis Presley on Ed Sullivan (1956) Who hasn’t seen this?  Even if you weren’t born when it first aired (I wasn’t), you’ve seen it, right?  (12 for 14)

11The Beatles on Ed Sullivan (1964)  My mom let me stay up to see this live!  It was a big deal because I was 5 or 6 at the time.  (13 for 15)

10. The O.J. Simpson Chase (1994)  We were on a family vacation in Indiana.  The entire family was glued to the tv watching live.  (14 for 16)

9. Roots (1977) Although I didn’t watch Roots when it aired in 1977 (I was a senior in high school and didn’t watch much tv), I have since seen it.  (15 of 17)

8. The Kennedy/Nixon Debate (1960) I was too young to have watched live, but since I majored in Speech Education (speech and debate), you can be sure that I’ve seen it.  (16 of 18)

7. Richard Nixon Resigns (1974)  Yep.  I tuned in with the family to see history in the making.  (17 of 19)

6. The Fall of the Berlin Wall (1989)  If you watched nightly news you couldn’t have missed it. (18 of 20)

5. Walter Cronkite Denounces the Vietnam War (1968) I was 9 and remember what a big deal this was.  I was surprised, at the time, when my grandpa who was a WWII vet say he was against the war.  (19 of 21)

4. Walter Cronkite Announces the Death of JFK (1963) I was watching with my grandparents who had taken me to Florida on vacation.  I was just 5.  (20 of 22)

3. Hurricane Katrina (2005) The reports just got worse and worse as the days drug on.  It had to seem like the apocalypse to those there.  It was terrible enough for those of us watching.  (21 of 23)

2. The September 11th Attacks (2001) Who alive (other than children) didn’t watch? (22 of 24)

1. The Apollo 11 Moon Landing (1969)  I was ten years old and watched thinking that in my lifetime we will explore Mars and other planets.  Now I wonder if/when we will return to the moon.  (23 of 25)