48 Unexpected Views Of Historic Moments

Here we have 48 Unexpected Views of Famous Events.

I love stuff like this.  Above we have,,,

Abraham Lincoln and General George McClellan in the general’s tent at Antietam [3 October, 1862]

While [appropriately] below we have…

A photograph taken by Scott’s British Antarctic Expedition to the South Pole, before they perished on their return journey. [1910]

If you click over you can also see photos of….

  • How massive the crowds were at Woodstock. [1969]
  • The photographs that inspired Norman Rockwell.
  • The back of the Hoover Dam just before it was submerged and never seen again. [1936]
  • View from the top on the opening day of the Empire State Building. [1931]
  • A large crowd, made up of many African Americans, mourn the death of Abraham Lincoln outside the Courthouse in Vicksburg, Mississippi. [1865]
  • A photo taken in secret of the Supreme Court in session, one of only two ever taken. [1932]
  • The last known photo of the Titanic above water. [1912]
  • The Beatles during their shoot for Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. [1967]
  • Three men run in the marathon at the first modern Olympic Games. [1896]
  • Howard Carter Looking through the open doors of Tutankhamun’s Shrine. [January, 1924]
  • The only known photograph of Abraham Lincoln at Gettysburg, before giving his famous address. [November 19, 1863]
  • An injured survivor of the Hindenburg smokes as he is carried to safety. [6 May, 1937]
  • Neil Armstrong photographed by Buzz Aldrin, shortly after walking on the moon. [1969]
  • The aftermath of Victory over Japan Day in New York. [14 August, 1945]
  • A Native American overlooks the newly completed Transcontinental railroad. [1868]
  • Race organizers attempt to stop Kathrine Switzer from competing in the Boston Marathon. She became the first woman to finish the race. [1967]
  • Wilbur Wright circles the Statue of Liberty in the Model A. [29 September, 1909]
  • The iceberg that is thought to have sunk the Titanic. Black and red paint is smeared along the side. [1912]
  • The models of “American Gothic” stand next to the painting
  • And more!