No Fun Today

I try to keep the focus of my ZONE posts on fun stuff; things that I find interesting and hope that you do too.

This entry isn’t about the comic convention that I went to last weekend, the great book that I’m reading, or even the tv shows that I’ve enjoyed this summer


This entry is about the horrific wake left by Hurricane Katrina.

Daytona was hit by three hurricanes last year. Three! And I’d go through six more, to avoid one like Katrina.

The worst part was not when the storms were hitting. By far the worst was when the storms had passed and we were left to deal with the aftermath. Flooded streets. No power for days. Which meant no air conditioning, no refrigeration, no hot water or warm meals. And then there was the damage. People left homeless. Businesses wiped out. People injured or killed as a direct result of the hurricane.

We experienced all of that. But on a scale no where near the one facing the survivors of Katrina.

Don’t worry, I’ll be back with a more upbeat topic tomorrow. Maybe I’ll post up pics and a con report, or tell you about The Killings of Stanley Ketchel, or even the tv shows this summer that have kept me entertained. But until then…

Our thoughts and prayers are with the millions of families facing the days ahead.