Z-View: Bullet to the Head #2 by Matz and Wilson

Bullet to the Head #2 is part of a six issue mini-series from Dynamite Comics. Originally printed in France as Du plomb dans la tête (which roughly translates to Lead in the Head), the story was later optioned and adapted into a Sylvester Stallone movie.

Written by Matz
Art by Colin Wilson
Colors by Chris Blythe
Letters by Colin Wilson

Senator Sterling is dead – his corpse found with that of an underage hooker. But why the cover-up? That’s the question being asked not only by two of New York’s Finest… but by the killers themselves. Bullet to the Head, a crime noir tale of violence and revenge from writer Matz (Killer) and artist Colin Wilson (Ed Brubaker’s Point Blank), continues from Dynamite!

*** Beware – spoilers may be found below *** The Good

  • The art by Colin Wilson and colors by Chris Blythe continue to impress.
  • Matz does a great job of creating dialogue that seems real.
  • “I sense trouble.”

The Bad:

  • The cover doesn’t work at least for me.  Two panels from the comic and not the most dynamic ones at that.
  • Sometimes Matz gets wordy.
  • “I assume you didn’t mention that to the Lieutenant either, did you?”
  • “…We’ve got a leak in here somewhere, and we’re going to have to find it.”
  • The warning, “Frank! Watch out!” comes a second to late.

The Ugly:

  • What Frank finds waiting on him — in more ways than one.
  • “Stop.”  “Why?”  “He’s not going to say anything and we can’t stay here any longer.”  Oh-oh.

Bullet to the Head #2 is for mature audiences due to violence, adult language and situations.