Z-View: Bullet to the Head #3 by Matz and Wilson

Bullet to the Head #3 is part of a six issue mini-series from Dynamite Comics. Originally printed in France as Du plomb dans la tête (which roughly translates to Lead in the Head), the story was later optioned and adapted into a Sylvester Stallone movie.

Written by Matz Art by Colin Wilson Colors by Chris Blythe Letters by Colin Wilson

Bullet to the Head, the crime noir masterpiece continues, written by Matz and drawn by Colin Wilson (Ed Brubaker’s Point Blank)! The book centers on a pair of assassin buddies and a pair of cop buddies, with a body count that grows as the story progresses and each pair trying to figure out what is happening! In this third issue of the award-winning crime saga, the pair of assassins strike again! But why?

*** Beware – spoilers may be found below *** The Good

  • The art by Colin Wilson and colors by Chris Blythe continue to impress.
  • Nice cover by Matz.
  • During a meeting with Slide, Steve takes a call on his cell.  While Steve is on his cell, Slide makes a call on his cell.  When they both finish and conclude there meeting, Slide tells Steve he needs to keep his cell phone off when meeting with important people.
  • “Why me?”  “I didn’t shoot them did I?”
  • “So you’re not mad I did this, Slide?”  “At least this way, Johanssen will know we mean business.”
  • “I don’t think I’m going to have a choice, Jimmy.”

The Bad:

  • Telling hitmen who have come to your house that you’re alone when you’re not.
  • “He’s unconscious, but there was a glitch.”
  • “The Governor?  You want to take the Governor out?”
  • “I’m right here, but I don’t like this.”

The Ugly:

  • When your wife and daughter surprise hitmen thinking you were alone in the house.
  • “I sense trouble.”
  • What Jimmy has in his hand in the 2nd panel on the 2nd to last page of the issue.

Bullet to the Head #3 is for mature audiences due to violence, adult language and situations.