Z-View: Bullet to the Head #5 by Matz and Wilson

Bullet to the Head #5 is part of a six issue mini-series from Dynamite Comics. Originally printed in France as Du plomb dans la tête (which roughly translates to Lead in the Head), the story was later optioned and adapted into a Sylvester Stallone movie.

Written by Matz
Art by Colin Wilson
Colors by Chris Blythe
Letters by Colin Wilson

The penultimate chapter of the critically acclaimed masterpiece arrives with Bullet to the Head #5! All of the violence, mayhem, and carnage of the previous issues come together in its most horrifyingly bloody issue yet! Written by Matz and drawn by Colin Wilson (Ed Brubaker’s Point Blank), Bullet to the Head distinguishes itself as the best crime noir masterpiece in today’s comics!

*** Beware – spoilers may be found below *** The Good

  • The art by Colin Wilson and colors by Chris Blythe continue to impress.
  • Matz creates one of my favorite covers ever.
  • “Who do you think you are? A cop?”  “Don’t insult me.”
  • “Single or double?”  “Double. –” “–Single.”
  • “Be careful.” “It’s too late for that.”
  • “For a guy who can’t sleep, you’re doing okay.”

The Bad:

  • What happens when you don’t tell an angry cop with a gun to his head who killed his partner.

The Ugly:

  • Thinking you’re well hidden in a trash dumpster… when you’re not.

Bullet to the Head #5 is for mature audiences due to violence, adult language and situations.