What’s Next for Mr. Tarver

I happened to get a few minutes to talk to Antonio Tarver tonight. Yes, the former Light-Heavyweight Champion of the World. Yes, the guy who played Mason Dixon in “Rocky Balboa.”

Mr. Tarver was at the high school, where I work, to watch his son play in the first round of the state basketball playoffs. We are the district champs and hope to move forward toward the state title. At any rate, Mr. Tarver arrived early and we chatted for a few minutes.
He said that he never did as many interviews as he did while promoting “Rocky Balboa.” He was very gracious about the praise he and the movie received. Antonio enjoyed working with Sly. Antonio’s next fight will be at the end of April and will be televised on ABC. He’s got another movie lined up which will be a comedy. As always Antonio was very cool, very approachable.
And, yes, our team won [and won big]!