The All-Time Best Gangster Movies!

Todd Gilchrist at Mental Floss posted his choices for the 20 Best Gangster Movies of All Time.  I’ve seen 14 of the 20, so his list has added to my future viewing plans.

Of Gilchrist’s picks my top three would be:
1.  Godfather
2.  Godfather II
3.  Carlito’s Way

My first two slots were easy choices (although a case could be made to reverse their order).  The third slot was tougher and I also gave strong consideration to Bonnie and Clyde, The Untouchables, Goodfellas and Miller’s Crossing.  It has also made me want to give Eastern Promises another viewing.  The original Get Carter made Gilchrist’s list.  If it had been the Stallone version, it would have made mine.